30 Of The Ingenious And Clever Bus Ads Have Ever Been Made


Have you ever thought of spending more than a second on an advert that you pass through while you’re driving? It’s quite hard to spare enough time for drivers for sure. The outdoor advertisement has it’s special ways to hit the target audience within a small time frame, whether it’s a banner, a billboard, a poster or a vinyl wrapped bus displaying the message.  


In modern time the latest technology is at the great use and the most creative and innovative advertisement on buses is a great example.  

To make the transit more useful, the creativity has exploded to the level where designers have unleashed the most ingenious designs in the history of advertisement that boosted the potential businesses using mobile adverts.  

An optical illusion of a heavy passenger who tilts the whole bus to the right. And a message with inspirational photo ‘Don’t be sold into slavery’!

Here At Slydor, we have a collection of pictures to prove how amazing some of the ideas have been.

Ohhhh No What Has He Done!

Anyone wants to slither on?.......

Like My Eyes?.....


Time to FIRE UP!.....

Say Cheeeeeeeeese!

Ohhhhh Fancy And Fast....

Wanna Drink?.......

Join The Party Cause I'm The DJ.....!

Be Careful__ He Bites Very Bad!

Time To Shape Up!

Unleash The Creativity To The World

This Bus Taking You At Higher Level Now

Keep The Holand Clean

Just In One Bite!

The New Dr Best Flexible

Don't Jump!


Ready To Quit?

The Accordion World Championship

Weight Watchers

Duracell, Keeps The Bus Going

The Shark Just Devoured The Lady

Stop Human Trafficking!

Tony Hawk’s Boomb Boom Huckjam Tour

It’s not a toy bus running on batteries

Life Comes At You Fast

Total Quartz Maximizes your performance.

A Toy Bus

Limo Bus In An Absolut World

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