12 Hollywood Myths We Believed In And Reality


Movies are always movies, there are no real-life stories. There are the things we believe in just because we have seen in movies even though there’s no existence of it in real life. Here some Hollywood myths vs. reality

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    In truth, knocking people out using drugs and other toxins is a very difficult process. Too much of a certain material will be harmful and too little will cause no effect. That’s why hospitals use anesthetists when putting people under. While chloroform could be used to knock somebody unconscious, it would take a lot longer than it does in the movies.

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    Unfortunately, doing that with a real grenade would most likely lead to teeth being pulled out completely. Pins are designed to be difficult to pull out to avoid any accidents where they can explode by mistake, meaning you would have to pull really hard with your teeth to get it out of the grenade.

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    The thing is, silencers are not even a thing. What the movies are actually showing a called suppressors, a tool primarily designed to reduce the sound of a gun for ear protection and to make it more difficult to identify the location of the gunfire. Even with a suppressor fitted, guns can still produce a sound of more than 100 decibels, enough to alert everyone nearby.

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    While the initial fiery inferno might not cause any harm to a person in real life, the resulting shockwave would. This would compress all of the air in your body as it spread out from the point of impact and then immediately cause it to expand massively as a result of the vacuum left behind. The resulting damage to internal organs such as the heart and lungs would be catastrophic, possibly causing them to tear apart.

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    Unlike in the moves, though, where CPR has a success rate of around 75%, real life sees that rate drop to around 10%. Even then, CPR does not work in the same way as it does in Hollywood. Its purpose is not to bring somebody back to life but to keep them alive by pumping blood through their body.

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