15 Celebrities Who Ridiculously Insured Their Body Parts


Being Hollywood stars means a lot of money. Of course, celebs earn a hell of the amount. And they buy expensive cars costly houses and luxury items. But few are above everyone. Most of them insured their body parts on very high rates. Slydor gathers 15 celebrities who ridiculously insured their body parts.

Well, this is pretty crazy. But yup true also. Whether it’s a Kim’ butt or Miley’s tongue almost all celebs put their things on insurance. However its for safety measures. If accidental one lost something. They will get insurance amount as compensation. Now see the squad who is listed here. It will be surprising. Look 15 celebrities who ridiculously insured their body parts. Go ahead. Cheers!

  1. 1 Kim Kardashian: Butt Insured For $21 Million

  2. 2 Miley Cyrus: Tongue Insured For $1 Million

  3. 3 Taylor Swift – Legs – $26.5 Million

  4. 4 Daniel Craig: Full Body Insured For $9.5 Million

  5. 5 Rihanna: Legs Insured For $1 Million

  6. 6 Fernando Alonso – Thumbs – $11.5 Million

  7. 7 Jennifer Lopez – Bottom – $300 Million

  8. 8 David Beckham: Legs Insured For $70 Million

  9. 9 Julia Roberts – Smile – $30 Million

  10. 10 America Ferrera – Smile – $10 Million

  11. 11 Cristiano Ronaldo – Legs –$144 Million

  12. 12 Bruce Springsteen: Vocal Cords Insured For $6 Million

  13. 13 Gene Simmons: Tongue Insured For $1 Million

  14. 14 Kylie Minogue: Butt Insured For $5 Million

  15. 15 David Lee Roth: Sperm Insured For $1 Million

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