15+ Dangerous Things Everyone Does While Driving


Driving rules are planned for one’s own benefit. They are the only rules no one can afford breaking or ignoring. Because ignorance is half death. Here are some dangerous things everyone does while driving.

  1. 1 Singing and dancing in car

  2. 2 Putting headphones on while driving

  3. 3 Wearing high heels

  4. 4 Putting your feets up on the dashboard

  5. 5 Sleeping in car besides driver

  6. 6 Using mobile phone while driving

  7. 7 Don't make your car your dressing room

  8. 8 Driving with pets

  9. 9 Driving with knees

  10. 10 Reading books while driving

  11. 11 Drunk driving

  12. 12 Driving tired

  13. 13 Speed up driving

  14. 14 Driving too fast for the weather conditions

  15. 15 Driving reckless

  16. 16 Driving while eating

  17. 17 Not wearing seatbelt

  18. 18 Not following driving rules

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