15 Hacks On How To Safe Yourself From Wild Animal Attacks


Guys! Wildlife could be dangerous as compared to urban life. In addition, a jungle is a place of mystery where you can face sudden encounters at every step. And wild animals are the most vital part of this kingdom.


So we should be prepared before entering into deep forests. Indeed we should know safety survival hacks to avoid animal attacks. Because get bit or attacked by a ferocious animal is possible. We can learn several tips to stay safe from these beasts. Slydor compiles 15 best tricks as your precautionary measures. Obviously, it would be a great treat for hikers and adventurers. Peeps these hacks are really useful. Read the step by step tips. Apart from these hacks as a bonus, we are sharing other tips for your convenience.

1: First and foremost thing is to stay far from wild creatures.

2: You Can identify animal tracks by their footsteps it will also help you.

3: Get Your Self vaccinated first to avoid any dangerous disease.

4: Be alert all the time.

5: Protect your throat from animal’s ja2w as much as you can

6: If the encounter happens don’t panic and think about possible precautions.

7: A first aid box is so necessary

8: You should aware of when to play dead or run away.

9: Yell for help and always travel in a group.

10: Wear proper clothes that are only used for tracking or camping etc.

Hopefully, these tricks can save you from wild animal attacks. Read and share with your friends. Stay safe!

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  1. 1 To Survive From A Crocodile Attack Hitting, Kicking And Poking Into His Eyes Is Best

  2. 2 Trick To Avoid Canine Attack Is Utilize Your Weight

  3. 3 If Grizzly Bear Attack You Should Lie Down On without moving body. Bear Might Leave You

  4. 4 Make Your Self Scary By Waving Your Arm

  5. 5 Best Tip Is Not To Get Close And Avoid Running

  6. 6 Its Better To Be Vaccinated To Avoid Rabies

  7. 7 To Save From Shark Run To Some Nearest Shore

  8. 8 If You Get Bitten By A Snake Instead Of Cutting Skin Suck The Blood Out

  9. 9 Clapping Your Hands, Waving Your Arms Or Shouting Is Likely To Have No Effect On A Charging Hippo

  10. 10 If You Run In A Zig Zag Pattern Than You Can Avoid Elephant Attack

  11. 11 Wolves Can Be Ferocious And To Avoid Their Attack You Should Stay Calm And Do Not Frighten

  12. 12 To Stay Safe From Rabid Racoon Attack Make Your Home Racoon Proof And If Get Attacked Wash Your Wounds With Soap

  13. 13 It Is Useful To Get Self-Defense Training To Stay Safe From Wild Animal Encounter

  14. 14 Best Tip Is Don't Touch Any Scorpion And Stay Away

  15. 15 Avoid An Eye Contact With Gorilla If Get Attacked Don't Run And Stay Calm

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