15+ Of The Best Lego Creations You Will Ever See!

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Originally Lego was founded in Denmark in 1932 when carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen started to make wooden toys. Later the ”Lego” name idea hit his mind by putting together the first two letters of the words Leg and Godt, which mean “play well“. He initiated his toy business by making plastic Lego bricks. In 1948 the brand was officially registered. And the most amazing thing is that today’s lego brick well fits with the brick created back then. 


The Lego toy is so popular that about seven Lego sets are sold every second! There’s no reason why It should ever fall out of favourites. It’s an excellent toy. Any occasion is incomplete without lego gift sets among young people, kids love playing with lego and explore their ability to build 3D models, study shows, It plays a great role in children’s brain development.

There have been some pretty fabulous inventions in Lego models made in the history of the world. These images below are the most Effortful Lego Models created by the most imaginative people. But one has to be a professional builder to create such enormous and complicated models or sculptures using thousands of hundreds Lego bricks.

Check out pictures of some world famous amazingly created Lego models that slydor has collected for you. Enjoy!

Life-Size Batmobile Model 18-feet Long Made With Over 500,000 Lego Pieces

The Second Most 'World's Biggest' Lego Model Of Warship USS Missouri Built In 3 Years

Beware The Lego Croc Bites Badly

The Great Queen Marry 2 In Lego Art

Working V8 Engine Made Entirely From Lego Bricks

Gigantic Lego Bird Loves The Nectar

Mighty Chewbacca From Planet Kashyyyk

Large Lego Super Mario Hero

Humongous Ice Dragon Made Out Of Countless Tiny Lego Bricks

Mclego's Here!

LEGO Volvo XC90

Here Comes Lego Andy

Huge Star Wars X-Wing

Crime Going On? Well Not To Worry, Lego Batman Is Here!

What A Pretty Colourful Lego Butterfly!

Time To Aboard! But See Carefully It's Lego Plane

Disneys Joined The Lego Team now!

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3.4k shares, 855 points
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