15+ Of The Most Stupid, Awful and Crazy T-Shirts Ever Made


Call it hillarious, stupid, crazy or awful but people do design and wear clothes that no one could approve  in first or even second place. How embarrassing is it, that one tries to portray oneself as trendy rather ends up a laughing stock. By wearing such low-level designs that doesn’t make sense not only puts your image down but also send out odd vibes, leaving a negative impact on the viewer,  at the same time.

  1. 1 Three Or Two Words ? Much Confusing! Wonder How It Remained Unnoticed Untill Now!

  2. 2 Ouchhhh..Such awfull imfact isn't funny at all

  3. 3 Wait! What's On My Shirt??

  4. 4 That Poor Girl Is Actually Wearing A Totally Crazy Designed Shirt

  5. 5 Is It A Display Of Icecream or Surf Excel Ad??

  6. 6 Wao What A Rewind Of The Memory

  7. 7 He Got A Big Brain OR She Got Big B***s?

  8. 8 Hard To Resist Awful Designs, Quite Embarrassing! Agree?

  9. 9 Are These Pants Or An Ugly Looking Doosh Bag?

  10. 10 I Bet He Didn't Try Any Of These Crazy Pieces Of Art That His GF Designed

  11. 11 And This Bow Placements. Lol

  12. 12 An Other Example Of Design Fail, One Must Be Insane To Approve It!

  13. 13 Bwahahahahha

  14. 14 What Can We Say After This? Danger? BlackWomen??? What A Fail!

  15. 15 Tourist Find This Type Of Design On Stalls. What A Joke!!

  16. 16 Seriously A Bad Joke, Specially When Illness Can Be Seen Prominently!

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