15 Shameful Reasons Why Chris Pratt Destroyed His Marriage To Anna Faris


In August, the world got rocked a little when it was announced that Chris Prattand Anna Faris were going to separate. The two funny actors were our #relationshipgoals for so long. They made us swoon with all their lovey-dovey posts, and the two looked genuinely in love. We adored the photos that Chris Pratt posted about how amazing his wife was; he was the perfect man, and we couldn’t have found a more solid couple. Then, of course, the news hit, and everywhere around the world, people were asking, “What the hell happened?”


It’s not the first time we’ve had that reaction. We had it when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up and when Robert Pattinson ditched Kristen Stewart. These are couples that we assumed had it together and would stand the test of time. So, it came as a shock to us when that didn’t happen. The two aren’t talking about divorce yet, but when two people legally separate and there are children involved, you have to assume that’s where it’s heading. They made a joint statement that read, “We are sad to announce we are legally separating. We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake, we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still love each other and will always cherish our time together.”

So, what went wrong? Many people are speculating that it might be all Chris Pratt’s fault. Now, you can be the judge of that.

15. He LOVED His Female Costars

In Hollywood, it’s a given that actors are going to have good-looking co-stars — it’s the name of the game. We understand that, but in Pratt’s case, he may have gotten a little too friendly with his costars. Pratt has gotten significantly hotter over the years since he busted out Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, so it’s not surprising that actresses find him sexy. During the press tour for Passengers, a movie that starred Jennifer Lawrence and Pratt, rumors started swirling about a possible fling between the two because of how they would constantly “play around” together. Pratt refers to her as his “bestie” in many of his Instagram posts, and judging by the flirtatious way that they joke together during interviews, it’s obvious they have a connection. There’s no evidence that he cheated on Faris at any point, but if she had to watch any number of those interviews where the two flirted, it probably didn’t help his marriage much.

14. He May Have Lost Sight of Who HE Was

There was a reason why we loved Pratt before those abs — he was funny as hell, and he showed us that on camera and off all the time. Not that we don’t love his action movies with that new rippling body he has, but sometimes, we wonder where the old Pratt went. It’s possible his wife was wondering the same thing. Once upon a time, Pratt was a bit pudgy, and he didn’t seem to care, and Faris obviously adored him no matter what. So, they were on the same playing field. Then, Pratt lost 60 pounds to play Owen in Jurassic World, and suddenly, the dynamic in their relationship changed. All the changes in the past few years took Faris by surprise. “I don’t think that’s something, when you’re an actor, that you’re prepared for. There are two different roles that you play—the one on-camera and the one in public. That’s the tricky part,” she told People. Anna’s career isn’t what it used to be, and Pratt is only becoming more popular.

13. He Became A Fame Wh–e

When Pratt starred in Guardians of the Galaxy three years ago, his whole career changed. Sure, he did some fun stuff before, like the TV show Parks and Recreation, but it wasn’t until he got hot that his career really took off. He went virtually from being an okay actor to the next big thing. He’s had one leading role after another since then. He’s gotten so big over the past three years that’s it’s possible that all the fame has gotten to his head. When his career started rolling, Pratt realized that he had to grab the iron while it was hot and get as much press as he could before things inevitably slowed down for him. He was working a lot more and being home less and less with his wife. Hollywood marriages are hard to keep going, and it’s mainly to do with how much time the couple stays apart.

12. Fans Put Too Much Pressure on Them

Sure, it’s easy to put all the blame on Pratt, and it’s seemingly possible that it’s all his fault, but fans sure didn’t help matters either. When a couple’s in the media, even when we love them as much as we loved these two, sometimes, the public image is what destroys a couple. For years, we were saying that Faris was more popular than Pratt, and then, when Pratt got hot, we had to throw it out there that he became hotter than Faris. How are these two supposed to keep up when we’re calling them out all the time? Critics and haters, even fans everywhere, were putting pressure on these two. Are we all to blame? All relationships have weaknesses, and maybe we were all pointing out their weak spots, or maybe it’s not that at all, and we’re just recognizing the fact that since he got bigger, Pratt has been a little self-evolved. Go home to your wife, already!

11. He Chose Fame Over Faris

It’s hard to look at anything else when you have constant images of Chris Pratt’s abs filtering all through social media. But if you happened to take a moment to realize it, these two actors are constantly on the go. Aside from being a mother, Faris has her TV show that she’s working on, while Pratt is out there ridding the world of bad guys. So, it’s hard for either of them to think about spending time as a family. Rumors of their impending relationship doom have been filtering since 2016, and the two just kept denying it. But we all know how hard it is to keep a relationship going in the public eye, and we wonder how much time Pratt spent at home. Faris talked about being a couple in the public eye on her podcast: “We grapple with the idea of being a public couple. For the first time, maybe a year ago or 10 months ago, we were in the public a little bit. There were some tabloid rumors about strain on our relationship. I just remember feeling so hurt in a way that bothered me because I didn’t want to think of myself as somebody that could be affected by tabloid s–t.”

10. Too Busy for Family?

Pratt has been one busy actor for the past three years, literally bouncing from one film to the next. Prior to his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, his career has consisted of a handful of not-so-well-known roles. But once he started hitting major roles, you couldn’t stop his career from blowing up. Being on the kind of sets that he’s been on in the past few years, it would be hard to balance family time and work. Something had to give at some point. We don’t want to fault Pratt on how well he’s done with his career because he seems like a nice guy, but maybe, he bit off more than he could chew. It’s possible that he was putting a lot more effort into his career while Faris was left trying to salvage a marriage.

9. He Became Self Involved

When things start going wrong in a marriage or even a relationship, it’s not unusual for people to start to focus more on themselves, their career, their body, basically anything that will make them feel better. We acknowledge that Pratt’s new body didn’t happen overnight, but it did go from Meh! to Holy f*ck in a short amount of time. People have pointed out that there are far more pictures posted on his social media accounts of him alone with his hot body and much less of him and Faris and their family. The last photo we saw of them together was a good solid three months ago, not exactly a great sign. That right there should’ve been a red flag to all of us. With all those sexy selfies he was posting, he was probably getting more attention online than he was at home. Ouch! We were all fooled by the public shoutouts that the two bombarded us with this past year, but it appears it was just their way of keeping us off the scent of a failing relationship.

8. He Was Starting to Get Jealous

When Pratt and Faris first got together, she was the one with the successful career. Back then, Faris was in one comedy after another, while Pratt was only in a few small roles. Although they met while on set, Pratt was still very unknown in Hollywood. It’s funny how both their careers have taken a complete 180. Faris is focusing on her role as a mother while juggling her role on the TV show Mom, while Pratt has hit mega-stardom. Is there a reason for that? Many people think it has to do with jealousy on his part. It’s funny, considering Pratt has been all over his costars, but in 2016, he admitted to being jealous that Faris was doing a love scene with Chris Evans in the movie What’s Your Number? He even went so far as to tell a radio station his feelings on the subject: “He’s so hot! He’s so handsome and cool! … [Evans] just embraced me and was like, ‘Hey, man, this is weird.’ We hung out, we got together, we became friends, and immediately any weirdness that was there disappeared.” We’re not really sure we’re convinced by his confidence.

7. No Family Time

Everyone knows that it’s important to have time for your family even if you’re not a big celebrity. Since his career has blossomed, Pratt has been a busy guy, and he deserves all that comes with that. But judging by his social media posts, you would think he’s more interested in self-promotion than he is with spending time with his family. You can’t always trust social media, but considering how their relationship went downhill, it seemed to be correct in this case. In Us Weekly, Faris made a statement that it was hard putting family first when she had a “huge movie star” husband. She mentioned that going out in public with Pratt just isn’t what it used to be. “We spend a lot of time at home building fires and just cooking and just being together. Just enjoying the simple times, too. Now that Chris is, like, a crazy huge movie star, going out is just a whole different thing. It’s just a whole different weird. We look at each other sometimes and we’re like, ‘Oh, my God.’ Because it feels very surreal sometimes since we both grew up in Washington State,” Anna confessed. “We just are sort of cherishing these times.”

6. Cheating Rumors Were Too Much

Constant cheating rumors can get tiresome for a couple that spends a lot of time apart from one another. Hearing about a possible affair between Lawrence and Pratt didn’t go over well with Faris, and Lawrence isn’t the only co-star whom Pratt got close with. That’s Bryce Dallas Howard in the picture hugging Pratt awfully close after the wrap-up of Jurassic World. Faris didn’t want to believe any of the rumors, but it’s hard not to when there are pictures plastered all over social media. She discussed all the rumors to Us Weekly in 2015: “I had always kind of believed that part of the rumors of celebrity couples were sort of true because they had never been part of my life. I was like, ‘Oh, maybe there’s a kernel of truth to that. It’s been a little devastating because, for us, it’s like, ‘What the heck?’ This has been blindsiding to us.” She concluded with: “We have an incredible relationship. It’s been weirdly stinging.”

5. Is the Past Repeating Itself?

It appears as if history is repeating itself when it comes to failing marriages. When Pratt and Faris met in 2007, they began dating during a time when she was separating from her husband. The two continued to date during her divorce. Faris was married to Ben Indra, a small-time actor with a career that wasn’t exactly going anywhere. The two had been married for four years before they called it quits. Faris admitted that the reason for the marriage dissolving was because of being too busy with work. She talked about it in Marie Claire. “The divide became too great,” she said about her marriage. You would think Pratt would’ve made sure that the same thing didn’t happen to his own marriage. Now, she’s on her way to her second divorce because his career became too hectic to keep up with their family life.

4. He Chose a Soul Friend

It’s possible that the two were just too much alike to make a long-term thing work. If you’ve ever heard them talking about each other, they have an insane amount in common. The two met on the set of Take Me Home Tonight, and they surprised fans when they mentioned that while growing up, they only lived 20 minutes apart from one another in Minnesota! How on earth did they not meet prior to that? Almost neighbors and both of them ended up in Hollywood — what are the chances of that? Pratt, on more than one occasion, has referred to Faris as his “twin soul.” Awwwwwww! So, considering their upbringing, similar careers, and the fact that they act like best friends when they’re around each other, it could be possible that they were better off as friends. Pratt hasn’t done much to keep the flame going after all.

3. He Couldn’t Cure Her Loneliness

We should’ve seen the signs; they were all there, plain and simple. Even in Paris, Faris had a sense of melancholy to her, and this picture that Pratt posted on his Facebook proves that. They were supposed to be one of the Hollywood couples that stood the test of time, and even they couldn’t make it. Faris often spoke about personal matters on her podcast, and one of them was about her loneliness, something that Pratt couldn’t seem to help her with. “I play a character on Mom. I play a character in movies, but I also play a public character. There’s definitely a loneliness and, like, an internal element to being a performer. I feel like I have to laugh.” To make things even sadder, she continued saying, “‘Like, if I have a red carpet thing or whatever, which I’m never comfortable [with], but I’m always like, ‘I’m fine!’ And it never feels like me.”

2. They Couldn’t Decide on How Many Children to Have

That can be an argument that any family in the world could have problems with. If you disagree on the number of children you want to have, then that can cause seeds of resentment to flourish. They had their son Jack in 2015 when he was born prematurely. It was a stressful time for the couple, who were praying that their son would be okay. This sort of stress can test a relationship or make it stronger. Many people believed that there was a lot of strain on the couple during that time, and because of that, they decided to not have more children. Many people also believed that Faris wanted more children but that with Pratt’s busy career, it just wasn’t possible. It’s not an easy conversation for any couple to have, and if one wants a child and the other doesn’t, it can cause a lot of problems.

1. He Was Obsessed with Social Media

Aren’t we all, though? It’s true, however, that Pratt is one of the celebrities who post on social media all the time. He loves it, and he may even be obsessed with it — just take a look at his Snapchat or Instagram accounts. Part of the problem with his marriage could’ve been because he was far too into his followers and keeping them happy. Some of his posts even implied that he was spending way too much time on social media and not enough time with his family. After he finished on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, he sent out this post: “These press tours can be such a whirlwind; I’m grateful to have you [Faris] and the boy [Jack] with me on this one.” He then continued, saying, “Although it’s 3:00 AM right now, I was just awakened by a square kick to the back as little man climbed into bed and then must have had a karate dream or something, and now, I can’t sleep. I’m on Instagram now. All you dads and moms know what I’m talking about.”

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