15+ The Most Weird, Shocking, Strange and Funny World Records


People have always wanted to standout from the crowd. Everyone wants to be noticed and appreciated. The longing of fame and publicity results in strange rather shocking attempts to be noticed. One fine way of quenching their thirst for mass public exposure is making a world record and get into limelight. 


Here is a collection of 15+ the most weird, shocking, strange and funny world records that would prove that their passion for distinctive identity has no limit and that they are ready to get it, by hook or crook. Enjoy!

MARCO LOMBARDI from Italy pulled 30 underpants in a minute

Longest fingernails by Chris "The Duchess" Walton

Longest wedding dress by Romanian woman

Chad Fell (USA) blew a bubblegum bubble with a diameter of 50.8 cm (20 in) in 2004

Pavol Durdik, from Puchov, Slovakia wore 48 socks on one foot in a minute.

Longest eyelashes by YOU JIANXIA from China in 2016

John Fischer and his team at StickerGiant created a 105.05 kg ball out of around 200,000 stickers


Fastest 100 meters race in an office chair

Colin Ferze for fastest toilet , that is 85.6 km/h in West Midlands, UK in 2013

1000 people getting beauty treatment in China.

Largest Einstein gathering goes to this group of more than 300 people in Los Angeles, California.

6000 people gathered in Chicago and bashed each other with Pillows

1200 people gatherd in Taiwan and apply facial mask for 10 minutes at exact same time.

Siberian Federal University team put most people in a car.

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