20 Astonishing Photos That Will Make You Say WOW


Sometimes, casual snaps end up looking way cooler than carefully staged ones. This may happen due to some unusual angle from which the photo was taken or because of the timely intervention from a “magic wand” brandished by Nature itself.


Today slydor presents you with a selection of incredible real-life pictures that no Photoshop creation could ever hope to match!

  1. 1 Slime Mold searching for food

  2. 2 “A man blew a small hole in his throat by holding his nose & closing his mouth while sneezing. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks.”

  3. 3 A spacesuit from the inside

  4. 4 Pollen on a bee, seen through a powerful microscope

  5. 5 And this is what the stinger looks like.

  6. 6 This is what a polar bear’s fur looks like: empty inside and full of air.

  7. 7 The reaction of aluminum and mercury

  8. 8 A salt crystal i found at Salar de Uyuni

  9. 9 “An image of GPS tracking of multiple wolves in six different packs around Voyageurs National Park shows how much the wolf packs avoid each other's range. Image courtesy of Thomas Gable”

  10. 10 A sperm whale has a special spermaceti organ that is located on the bones of its skull. The organ has the ability to become liquid when the whale wants to get to the shore, and when a whale wants to go back underwater, the organ becomes solid again.

  11. 11 The Mercator projection vs the true size of each country.

  12. 12 Inside the sword of The Motherland Calls

  13. 13 The atomic-force microscope allows you to see the structure of organic compounds, similar to how they’re drawn in books.

  14. 14 interactive topography map in a sandbox

  15. 15 Calcium buildup in this water pipe we had to replace

  16. 16 It looks like a piece of rock but in fact, it’s just a snowflake under a microscope.

  17. 17 In case you’ve never seen this before

  18. 18 Elysia chlorotica, the first animal that uses photosynthesis like plants.

  19. 19 When a frog eats a firefly

  20. 20 This is what a beaver can do:

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