20 Awful Things That Look Cool AF


Imagine some things that look awful but actually cool AF. Exactly it is like that. A bad idea can look terrible but here the case is different. Slydor catches appalling stuff from the internet. And this is crazy and chilly at the same time.


In addition, some times tacky designs turn out great. A snake tattoo is looking creepy because a snake is walking through the ear. Meanwhile, this idea looks fashionable. In fact, it is a nice execution. This is how are today’s collection is. So start scrolling. Pretty awful things that look cool AF are waiting below. Please visit and share also. Thanks for reading.



  1. 1 Mini Hitachi Wand Earrings

  2. 2 This Snake Tattoo

  3. 3 Barber: Say No More

  4. 4 This Golf Cart

  5. 5 A Shark Just Before Breaking The Surface Tension Of Water

  6. 6 Pixel Style Minion - Hair Dye Art

  7. 7 This Is Definitely Yarn

  8. 8 This Guys Car, And Yes The Rims Spin

  9. 9 This Is Amazing Taste!

  10. 10 Found In The Keys

  11. 11 This “Classy” Car

  12. 12 This Wooden Shoe-Sailboat

  13. 13 This Mysterious Spiny Worm

  14. 14 That's The Idea

  15. 15 These Flip Flop Flower Pots At Walmart

  16. 16 The New Cheese Grater From Apple

  17. 17 Cabbage Blanket To Keep Your Vegan Friends Warm

  18. 18 A Shipwreck Taken Over By Nature

  19. 19 Water Droplets Hanging On Leaves

  20. 20 Melting Hand Carved

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