25 Bright Words You Wish You Knew Them Before


This new medley of words is brilliant. The internet gives you the best new stuff every day. And here we are talking about new words. Especially interesting combo of words. 20 bright words you wish you knew them before. Sounds weird but in real its a clever attempt. Such as ” Textpectations” when you expect someone to answer your text. Similarly “AskHole” the one who ask silly questions. Guys, I like these words.


You can’t enjoy unless you check our post. 20 bright words are hereby Slydor. And you wish you know them before. Definitely, it will enhance your intelligence. Now take a glance. Don’t forget to share with friends. Add them into your mobile gallery. The list is below:

Source: DeMilked

  1. 1 Masturdating

  2. 2 Texpectation

  3. 3 AskHole

  4. 4 Carcolepsy

  5. 5 BedGasm

  6. 6 Cellfish

  7. 7 Errorist

  8. 8 Nonversation

  9. 9 Destinesia

  10. 10 Chairdrobe

  11. 11 Ambitchous

  12. 12 Hiberdating

  13. 13 Dudevorce

  14. 14 Internest

  15. 15 Unlightening

  16. 16 Columbusing

  17. 17 AfterClap

  18. 18 Juggersnot

  19. 19 ChipTease

  20. 20 BeerBoarding

  21. 21 NerdJacking

  22. 22 Nomonym

  23. 23 Doppelbanger

  24. 24 Epiphanot

  25. 25 Youniverse

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