20 Charismatic Harry Potter Comics Only True Fans Will Understand


Harry Potter comics are carefully collected from the bottom of the internet. The most hilarious HP comics are listed for the true fandom.


Though Harry Potter’s adventure has come to an end, HP films and books are still part of millions of lives. Due to a huge amount of fans, Harry Potter is inevitable and unforgettable. The list of funny comics is not only for Harry Potter lovers,  but the content can also be enjoyed by all. So scroll down to grab some laughing tears in your eyes. Keep going…

  1. 1 Letters Got Swapped

  2. 2 Instagram Is Not Allowed In Hogwarts

  3. 3 When Pokémon Comes To Hogwarts

  4. 4 This Is What Happens When You Have A Twin Bro!

  5. 5 When Love Birds Connect

  6. 6 Probably That's What Happened

  7. 7 You Proved It, Harry!

  8. 8 Funny Professor At Hogwarts

  9. 9 Exceedingly Questionable Snape's Actions

  10. 10 Hogwarts Is Not Suitable For Babies

  11. 11 For Sure Snape Was Not A Good Potion Master

  12. 12 Hermione Doesn't Seem To See The Importance Of Divination Class

  13. 13 Draco Malfoy Is Half A Vampire

  14. 14 "Gimme The Stone, Kid."

  15. 15 Trio Of Friends

  16. 16 Selfish Dumbledore

  17. 17 Hagrid Has Deep Connections With Hogwarts Students And That's Weird

  18. 18 Harry Must Have Watched Lord Of The Rings And Thought Everyone Would Agree With Harry's Reason For Being Late

  19. 19 Harry You Have Your Mother's Eyes

  20. 20 Deepest Desire... Chicken Nuggets!

  21. 21 And, Rest Of Harry's Life...

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