20 Epic Fails You Should See Right Now


Imagine 20 epic fails you should see right now. Obviously, life cannot be smooth all the time. Some times fails makes a day really bad. Here Slydor selects some funny fails. That might change your mood. Or bring a smile on your lips. Such as a woman is covering her head in the rain with her laptop. Isn’t she looking crazy? No doubt her day was a fail.


Moreover, Kim is playing poker with mirrored sunglasses. And she is damn crazy. Obviously its fail too. So the epic fails you should see right now are ready. They are humorous. Because in some fails people trying to act over smart. But sadly not succeed. Hence give an overview to start reading. Your list is below. Enjoy!


  1. 1 When Your Hair Is More Important Than Your Laptop

  2. 2 Right! That's A Mango!

  3. 3 Microwaved This Foil Ball For 3 Minutes And This Is The Result

  4. 4 My Daughter Used A Plastic Cutting Board For A Pizza Pan

  5. 5 When You Put Volvic Flavoured Water In Your Iron

  6. 6 Because Over Cooking An Egg

  7. 7 Thinking Quickly, She Constructs Homemade Eggnog Using Only Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Whipped Cream, And... Egg Nog

  8. 8 My gf Ordered “A Side Of Fries” With A Southern Accent

  9. 9 This Fake Hundred Dollar Bill My Coworker Accepted

  10. 10 Also Known As A Fence

  11. 11 Why The F**k Is There A "0" Birthday Candle

  12. 12 Explosion Loading

  13. 13 I Look Crazy But I Saved A Baby Shark

  14. 14 News Does A Report On Missing/Murdered Aboriginal Women And They Use A White Girl At Coachella Wearing A Headdress As The Picture

  15. 15 Kim Kardashian Playing Poker With Mirrored Sunglasses

  16. 16 I Wanted To Cook My Wife A Fancy Meal For Her Birthday, So I Started With A Slow-Cooked Home Made Chicken Stock. After Simmering For Hours, The Recipe Said To Pour It Through A Strainer

  17. 17 Locked 0ut

  18. 18 I Believe That's Meant To Be The Date

  19. 19 Well At Least, Thanks To This Guy

  20. 20 She Was Waiting In Line For 5 Minutes

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