20+ Hilarious and Creative Ideas on How to make fun out of bad situation


Life’s journey is never smooth. We usually plan for something but when mother nature interferes, we have to change course. Often we encounter unexpected situations. The beauty of this roller coaster ride is to embrace what it brings along and enjoy every single moment of it. Here are some glimpses of people making best out of what came their way.


  1. 1 Evil Dead works for me.....

  2. 2 Wives after divorce partying and mincing their ex's

  3. 3 Husbands after divorce looks forward to fill the gap. Wanna Apply?

  4. 4 Bad Weather Huh...Ma Ski's are better than your wheels

  5. 5 Disability turned into Power. BRAVO!

  6. 6 Hello mate! Wanna ride?

  7. 7 Dad's Kung Fu gal

  8. 8 Have an Ultimate Ride in the Jurassic Vehicle

  9. 9 Mutant Dent turned into Mutant Turtle

  10. 10 Rain Rain go Away, I am Fishing Today

  11. 11 Beware of the Frankenstein

  12. 12 Dude this is my cruise's day!

  13. 13 "I am not bald, this goat ate ma hair."

  14. 14 I am her Dump box

  15. 15 These cars are just chillin' in snow

  16. 16 Little Cutting and Done

  17. 17 She is my guardian angel.

  18. 18 Hey Pal! Nice to have you around

  19. 19 Enjoying their duty...

  20. 20 Party all night with my cellar in the Ice

  21. 21 Don't mess with me! I have cops in my box

  22. 22 Smart!!!!

  23. 23 The Eastern Island Men in my yard

  24. 24 A must do during winter

  25. 25 My dad made me the coolest ride....

  26. 26 This driver literally Drove into their store...

  27. 27 Very creative

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