20 Most Heart Touching Photos That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


Some of the images below may shock you, or upset you, or make you cry, a picture is worth a thousand words? well behind each of these pictures there is a whole book. The media tends to focus on all the horrible things going wrong in the world. It’s important not to forget that there are still plenty of incredible people out there. These photos prove it.


Check out the list of 20 Most Heart Touching Photos That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes.

  1. 1 A heart breaking moment of Terry Gurrola holding her daughter for the first time after 7 months in Iraq

  2. 2 Diego Frazão Torquato is a 12 years old boy who escaped poverty in brazil with the help of his music teacher, here he plays at his funeral

  3. 3 Rescue workers carry a child who was rescued from the rubble at the site of a collapsed residential building in Mumbai, India

  4. 4 Some kids left this note to track down the owner of a forgotten skateboard that they could’ve easily stolen.

  5. 5 Starving boy and missionary

  6. 6 New York City hairstylist gives free cuts to the homeless on Sundays.

  7. 7 This man stopped what he was doing to help an elderly woman with her bags.

  8. 8 Workers dress as superheros to cheer up kids at the Children’s Hospital

  9. 9 A cyclist sacrificed his track time to give a Koala bear something to drink.

  10. 10 After a 23 hours ( successful ) heart transplantation the heart surgeon resting with his assistance sleeping in the corner

  11. 11 A man gives a barefoot homeless woman his pair of flip flops.

  12. 12 ” The fallen man ” the famous world trade center photo

  13. 13 A man who lost his legs in battle was saluted by 4 soldiers.

  14. 14 Kind hearted grandma warming this soldier’s ears.

  15. 15 He brought a hot cup of coffee to a freezing homeless man.

  16. 16 In the middle of egypt uprising in 2011, christians protecting muslims in prayer

  17. 17 This civilian brought something to drink to a soldier fighting on his own soil.

  18. 18 A young man just finding out his brother was killed

  19. 19 A couple was found holding each other after a factory collapsed

  20. 20 The police officer that bought shoes for a homeless man in Time Square.

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