20 + Of The Top Hilarious Photos Of Babies Be Like


When You say ‘Baby’ the utmost thought strikes your mind is ‘adorable’ and ‘cute’. No wonder babies are extremely cute with their tinny nose, rosy lips, soft cheeks, innocent eyes, cloudy skin, teensy-weensy fingers and delicate patchy or maybe funny bald hairstyles. What babies do all day?? Without asking, their primary needs are always at the priority for mommy or daddy including feed, nappy change, bath, play time, nap time and fundamental development planning.


They sleep, poop, fart, laugh or cry whenever they want, it doesn’t really matter it’s daytime or sleep time, they do what they want to do, you can’t do anything about it! What A Life!!!

Slydor loves to share pretty delightful pictures of babies with funniest expressions with you. Let’s enjoy! But promise you won’t laugh! 


''DAD, How Was I Born?''

Found The Paint In My Diaper!

If I Wanted Your Opinion..

''Babe, She Was Just Changing My Diaper!''

And You Think I'm Grumpy!

When My Body Tells Me ''YESSSss!''

HAHAHA! So We Meet Again!

You Look At Me?? I'll Beat You Up!

Moment When You Realize, It Wasn't A Fart!

''I Came Out Of Your What!?''

''When I Make An Offer And He Does Listen!''

''Don't Get Me Wrong, I'm Still Listening!''

When You Don't Choose The Thug Life!

''I Was Mad At My Parents, Didn't Talk To Them For 2 Years''

Am I Supposed To Sleep All Night Long???

I Have Something On My Face??? WHERE????

When I Plan To Wake Up At 3AM, HAHAHAHA!!!!

When I Explain How To Use Internet Like A Pro!

I Can't Even Tell What I Actually Like!!

Respect My Privacy Please!!

When I'm Watched 24/7, HUH!!!

How Victory Feels Like!!!

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