20 Perfect Photos Taken At An Unexpected Time


There are moments when something is not right. So a picture of that moment is like a reminder of that time. Here Swishtoday selects 20 photos just taken at an unexpected time.


Oddities happen in everyday life that sucks your good time. Actually, some times are bad but others are just disastrous. Like two girls standing on a sinking boat is a photoshoot. Of course, no one wants a photo in this situation. People who take such shots are genius. Because they capture the right scene at the right time. You wanna see the images. Surely yes so take a glance to see the post below. All photos just taken at an unexpected time are waiting. Watch out the worst moments pictures. Have a nice day guys!

  1. 1 Sinking Boat Photoshoot? Sure

  2. 2 I Feel You My Dude

  3. 3 This Is Gonna Hurt

  4. 4 A Moment Of Silence Please

  5. 5 Lick It Up

  6. 6 Midnight Cabinet Collapse

  7. 7 When A Flash Floods Only Hits Your Car

  8. 8 Hay Fever

  9. 9 Tractor Fire

  10. 10 Unfortunately Yes

  11. 11 It Isn’t Even A Whopper With Cheese

  12. 12 I Just Wanted Lunch

  13. 13 When You Fall At 8:00 But Dinner Will Be Ready At 9:00

  14. 14 Maybe There’s A Better Way To Wash The Car

  15. 15 Rookie Mistake To Start The Summer

  16. 16 Let's Just Say That I Work With A Beekeeper And My Face Got Swole

  17. 17 "Easier To Open And To Pour" I Guess Not

  18. 18 Taken Right Before Disaster

  19. 19 It Landed "Just Right."

  20. 20 Just Riding His Bike When

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