25 + Surprisingly Perfect Images Taken At The Right Moment To Make You Look Twice


The internet abounds with images shared by people who have captured photos from just the right perspective. A photographer must wait the opportune time to click a photo. Photography is like a moment, an instant: you need less than a second to get a photo, so its good to capture people when they are themselves. You can take thousands of photos, but if you don’t capture something at the right moment, you may never get the exact shot you want. There is no formula for taking a perfect shot, but at the right moment, you have a camera ready to shoot.


Slydor collected for you 20 + unexpectedly but surprisingly perfect timed clicks that will absolutely blow your mind.

  1. 1 May Be It Took 100 Tries, But It Was Worth It

  2. 2 That's Not An EYE

  3. 3 My Face When I AM Caught

  4. 4 The Moment When She Says "You Are The Father"

  5. 5 Only Losers Play With Balls

  6. 6 Motion Gun..LOL

  7. 7 Come On Give Me a Hug

  8. 8 Highly Focused!

  9. 9 It's Awful ! But Funny Perspective Behind

  10. 10 OH! Thats the perfect moment to be captured

  11. 11 Well ...What A Fit Head Replacement

  12. 12 YAAY!

  13. 13 Here's Your Delivery

  14. 14 Banggggg ..The PhotoBomb !

  15. 15 The Perfect Time To Show Off True Love!

  16. 16 1..2..3____ Grandmaa Catchhhhhh!

  17. 17 That's What Happens When You Run Without Trainers

  18. 18 It's Horrible! But What A Click

  19. 19 Just Plucking the Eifel Tower

  20. 20 She's May Be Part Of It

  21. 21 Birds Or Dolphin?

  22. 22 3 , 2 ,1...........

  23. 23 What a COincidence!

  24. 24 Speed Landing

  25. 25 Use This Device To Make Your Body Long

  26. 26 The Boss!

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