These 20 Super Funny Wildlife Photos Of 2018 Will Surely Make You Smile


“Our strong belief here at Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is that the smallest thing can help conservation,” Tom explained. “By following Born Free on social media you have made one positive step. By supporting them financially you make another big step. By sharing our posts, by buying the book, by keeping the conversation going… all these things help raise the issues of conservation.” The message that the organisers want to promote is one of wildlife conservation.


Check out These 20 Super Funny Wildlife Photos Of 2018 Will Surely Make You Smile

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  1. 1 Hey! I'm lost, Did anybody see my mom??

  2. 2 Why you're always annoying!

  3. 3 Wake up everyone! Food is here!!

  4. 4 Just about to hit the right note, no?

  5. 5 Ahh! I'm always tired and hungry.

  6. 6 Relax bro! we can sort it out!

  7. 7 Me hiding from my problems.

  8. 8 Meeting his BFF after a long span!

  9. 9 Good morning everybody!

  10. 10 Goodbye old friend! I'll see you soon.

  11. 11 Getting close enough!!

  12. 12 My GOD! Why don't y'all understand me?

  13. 13 How could you speak to me like that??

  14. 14 Hey! Don't you dare to come closer!

  15. 15 Hello everyone! Have a good day!

  16. 16 Splitting like a pro!

  17. 17 Love is in the water right now!

  18. 18 I'm gonna eat y'all!!

  19. 19 New photographer in the town!

  20. 20 Couple goals thou!

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