20 Unexpected Facts About The USA Are Crazy AF


OMG, any guesses about what Slydor is going to reveal. The most unexpected facts about the USA. And these are crazy AF. Seriously these things are nerve-shaking. Although some are just wacky.


First of all, let's talk about the serious ones. In Denver, it's against the law to wear a Manning jersey in schools because the numbers 13,14, 18, 31 41 and 81 are associated with local gangs. Whereas a home of mariners in Seattle is so expensive that it was paid off only three years ago more than 14 years it was demolished. And yet the funniest facts is a man caught a runner in Maryland who was pooing outside his house. The witty part is he had been doing it for 20 years. This is ridiculous.

So this post is full of such silly facts. You can't believe this could happen in the US. These unexpected facts about the USA are crazy AF. Now read more below. Like share and save the chosen one. Thanks for visiting. Cheers!

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  1. 1 Chicago

  2. 2 Arlington

  3. 3 Jacksonville

  4. 4 Las Vegas

  5. 5 Maryland

  6. 6 Tuscan

  7. 7 Down Town San Jose

  8. 8 New York

  9. 9 San Francisco

  10. 10 LA

  11. 11 Albuquerque

  12. 12 Detroit

  13. 13 Tulsa

  14. 14 Memphis

  15. 15 Denver

  16. 16 Seattle

  17. 17 Atlanta

  18. 18 Arizona

  19. 19 New Orleans

  20. 20 Philadelphia

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