21 WTF Food Flavours To Challenge Your Taste Buds


Seriously peeps its a crazy post by all means. Because the title itself is so appealing. Look Slydor brings WTF food flavours to challenge your taste buds from around the world.


Isn’t it interesting? Obviously, the topic is quite interesting. While at first have a sip of this yoghurt Pepsi. And pizza and spaghetti slushee. So how you feel? Hope your taste buds will make you say hell ‘no’. Therefore, this article is full of cringe-worthy flavours that you might not find in your country. And indeed you have never eaten such things before. Hence take a tour to this weird bunch of things that are from available to eat and drink.

Scroll down and enjoy the most WTF food flavours from around the world. Here we go:

  1. 1 Japan: Yogurt Pepsi

  2. 2 Japan: Wasabi KitKat

  3. 3 China: Dry pork and seaweed donuts

  4. 4 Canada: pizza and spaghetti slushee

  5. 5 Asia: soft-shell crab, seaweed and grilled shrimp flavored Pringles

  6. 6 China: green tea Oreos

  7. 7 Japan: spaghetti popsicle

  8. 8 Russia: cappuccino flavored Pepsi

  9. 9 Japan: raw horse meat ice cream

  10. 10 Japan: pancake drink

  11. 11 Japan: grilled corn Kit Kat

  12. 12 Singapore: wasabi cheese and seaweed cheese donuts

  13. 13 Japan: squid ink burger at Burger King

  14. 14 China: fish soup flavored Lay’s

  15. 15 Turkey: yogurt and mint Doritos

  16. 16 Denmark: mojito Pepsi

  17. 17 India: mint mischief Lay’s

  18. 18 Japan: tomato and carrot Häagen-Dazs ice cream

  19. 19 Japan: spicy tomato Kreme doughnut

  20. 20 Japan: avocado salad Cheetos

  21. 21 Japan: sausage and beer Doritos

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