24 Strangely Satisfying Photos Are Crazy Peaceful


The nerve-wracking media updates are sabotaging peace of mind every day. Meanwhile, tranquillity in strangely satisfying photos keeps you at ease. So Slydor team collected highly uncommon photos that will bring a certain amount of peace to you. Scroll over and endure the list. Enjoy!

  1. 1 Spent way too long on this cheat sheet today

  2. 2 The way these cereal boxes line up

  3. 3 Gorgeous geometric sculptures created out of ordinary sheets of paper by artist Matt Shlian

  4. 4 RIP to the both of you legends

  5. 5 The way this oculus sensors cable is wound up

  6. 6 This trash can's shadow

  7. 7 Found in EUR, Rome today!

  8. 8 SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch and its reflection

  9. 9 Buddha is watching you

  10. 10 In my 02 Buick LeSabre. Only took 17 years for this moment

  11. 11 Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  12. 12 My spaghetti after two days in a bowl

  13. 13 The way the blade came out of the hummus

  14. 14 The way the sun hits the Bay Bridge

  15. 15 Shades of eggs

  16. 16 Osiria Rose is both red and white

  17. 17 This coffee landscape at the bottom of my mug

  18. 18 How these shoes perfectly match the escalator.

  19. 19 My nails are the exact same shade as this flower

  20. 20 High-tech parking. Volkswagen factory, Wolfsburg

  21. 21 Cactus Beach

  22. 22 The Universe Cascade at the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, South West Scotland

  23. 23 Bar ceiling covered in barrel staves

  24. 24 I like this flower naturally full of raindrops

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