25 Amazing Photos That Prove Time Goes Way Too Fast


Imagine 25 amazing photos that prove time goes way too fast. Slydor gathers most amazing photos from the internet. And guys the heap of the pictures is just fabulous.


Speaking about time is something understood. Because it goes on and on. So here our team proudly presents these photos for you. Indeed it is the best example of then and now comparison. Seriously time goes way too fast. For example when a nurse met a mature guy. And all of a sudden she feels that he is the same baby whom she cared because he was premature. This is quite interesting.

Thus see 25 pictures below to start this time travel. You will be amazed at every single pic. Scroll and have fun.



  1. 1 A Nurse Realizes That The Premature Baby She Cared For 28 Years Ago Is Now Her Co-Worker

  2. 2 20 Years Later

  3. 3 Wow That Must Be Awesome To Find Out!

  4. 4 Past And Present

  5. 5 Cool Siblings

  6. 6 The Dogs Got Older, But He Got Younger

  7. 7 Nice Shot

  8. 8 Clever Girl

  9. 9 50 Years Difference

  10. 10 About 15 Years Apart

  11. 11 20 Years After Prom

  12. 12 About 100 Years Apart

  13. 13 They Grow Up So Damn Fast!

  14. 14 Awesome

  15. 15 In The 90s

  16. 16 Then And Now

  17. 17 High School Graduation 2002; Wedding 2010

  18. 18 After 25 Years

  19. 19 Amazing

  20. 20 How Time Flies

  21. 21 It Gives An Amazing Feeling

  22. 22 Looks like They Time Travelled

  23. 23 Forever Together

  24. 24 Wow

  25. 25 No Difference

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