25 Dumb Things At Beach Are Actually So Funny


Who says the beach is a cool and calm place? Well, it is just a saying. Because the beach can be a fun laughter hub especially when you visit on some summer holiday. Here Slydor finds 25 dumb things at the beach that is actually so funny.


Surprisingly wacky items can be seen on every beach. Also, people doing silly things and they don’t care about it. Like in the middle of the water someone relaxing on the sofa. A woman found a weird but funny man who looks like a drug dealer. Such stupid actions can astonish anyone. Some hilarious signs can also make the beach quite witty place. In short things you feel dumb on the beach are actually so funny. It will make you laugh hard. Therefore visit our post below. Start reading and have fun. Cheers!



  1. 1 It's Just A Joke

  2. 2 There! Instead Of A Stupid Castle!

  3. 3 Those French Woman!

  4. 4 My Mom Stumbled Into This Drug Dealer While In Jamaica

  5. 5 Jurassic Bark. Sorry, I'll Leave Now

  6. 6 "Yeah, Get Under That Lemon Lime Soda

  7. 7 What A Dumbass Idea

  8. 8 Easy Come Easy Go

  9. 9 Plot Twist. There Are No Bodies Under The Sand

  10. 10 No, Not A Ticket I Can Use

  11. 11 This Kills The Trip

  12. 12 This Sign On A Beach In Lithuania

  13. 13 My Bucket List Is Comprised Exclusively Of Buckets

  14. 14 "Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer"

  15. 15 Just Bro Things

  16. 16 Huh? Why?

  17. 17 Don't Walk Through It. Who Knows What's On The Other Side

  18. 18 I Eat Cookies Because I'm Unhappy, And I'm Unhappy Because I Eat Cookies

  19. 19 They Look So Damn Comfortable

  20. 20 This Almost Seems Set Up, For A Joke

  21. 21 As If This Requires Some Sort Of Special Reason

  22. 22 He Wasn't A Happy Camper

  23. 23 Hahaha... Darn

  24. 24 Reverse Cowboy On The Handle Bars

  25. 25 I Literally Laughed So Hard My Teeth Fell Out

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