25 Genius Movie Details You Have Missed


Presenting 25 genius movie details you’ve missed. In addition, Slydor knows our gorgeous readers love movies. And obviously, you want to know each and every detail you might’ve missed. But we’ve published an article on movie things that can’t happen in real life too. It has short movie clips.


Let’s take a brief look into today’s article: for instance, in Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone Harry’s scar is not because of Snape, but because he was facing the back of Quirrell’s head Aka Voldemort. How interesting it is. Secondly, in the film The Nun at the car plate of the truck, in which the main characters mistakenly place their luggage, we can see the name of the demon VALAK. So this post is filled with such amusing things about your favourite movies. Thus you will be truly entertained after reading these details.

In order to get more information see the post below. Let’s explore these genius movie details you’ve missed. Thanks for reading.

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  1. 1 The Actor Who Played Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell) In Rocketman (2019 Elton John Biopic) Was Also The Star Of The Original Billy Elliot ,Movie (2000)

  2. 2 In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone (2001), Harry’s Scar Hurt Not Because Of Snape, But Because He Was Facing The Back Of Quirrell’s Head Aka Voldemort

  3. 3 At Stan Lee's Cameo In Doctor Strange (2016), Stan Lee Is Reading The Book "The Doors Of Perception" - A Book About The Psychedelic Experience Of Its Author (Aldous Huxley)

  4. 4 In Murder Mystery (2019) Nick Refers to Eric Lamonsoff, A Friend Who Has A "Boat", This Is A Reference To Adam Sandler's Other Movies Grown Ups And Grown Ups 2, Specifically Kevin James' Character

  5. 5 In The Film The Nun (2018), At The Car Plate Of The Truck, In Which The Main Characters Mistakenly Place Their Luggage, We Can See The Name Of The Demon (VALAK)

  6. 6 In Monsters University We See A Poster Above Randall’s Bed Which Is Something He Says To Mike In Monsters Inc

  7. 7 In Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018), The License Plate The Cat Is Holding In The Shark's Mouth Is The Same Plate Taken Out Of The Shark's Stomach In Jaws (1975)

  8. 8 In The Matrix (1999) When Neo Is Training Martial Arts, He Licks His Thumb And Taunts Morpheus Whilst Hopingon His Feet, This Is A Reference To Bruce Lee's Choreograph Fight Taunts In Movies Most Notably Game Of Death

  9. 9 In Toy Story(1995) When All The Toys Are Panicking Over The Kids Coming Into Their House For Andy's Birthday Party, For A Brief Second, Mr. Spell flashes "You're Welcome" instead of anything related to him being scared

  10. 10 In Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018), A Black Flag And Red Ribbon On The Wall Of Miles’ Room Allude To The Merc With A Mouth’s Signature Logo

  11. 11 In Aladdin (1992), In Genies Cave You Can Clearly See A Lamassu Statue

  12. 12 In Deadpool 2 The Autograph On Wolverine Is Telling

  13. 13 In Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown, His Trademark Cameo Is Incredibly Subtle, Just Consisting Of An Answering Machine Voice Over

  14. 14 Lady Bird (2017)- When Lady Bird Meets Kyle At The Coffee Shop, He's Reading The Book "A People's History Of The United States". In The Scene Immediately After, Lady Bird Is Reading The Same Book In The Pews

  15. 15 In The Darjeeling Limited (2007) You Can See Brendan At The Start Of The Movie

  16. 16 Ralph Breaks The Internet. In The Princess Scene, Elsa Threatens With Ice, Rapunzel A Frying Pan, Arial A "Trident"

  17. 17 In Amazing SpiderMan 2, Electro's Cake Is A Nod To The Original Costume

  18. 18 Rip Torn In A Cameo Role As A Large Headed Alien Attending The Funeral Of Z In Men In Black 3

  19. 19 Those Are Real Human Skeletons In The Swimming Pool Scene Of Poltergeist (1982)

  20. 20 Dumbledore Is An Old English Word For "Bumblebee". J.K. Rowling Said She Chose The Name Because She Pictured Dumbledore Humming To Himself While Wandering Around

  21. 21 In Monsters Inc Mike Tells Sully On The Way To Work “You’ve Been Jealous Of My Good Looks Since The 4th Grade.” However In Monsters University (A Prequel To Monsters Inc) Mike And Sully Meet For The First Time In College

  22. 22 In The Lion King, Timon Talks Directly Into Pumbaa’s Ear (42:15) And The Audio Begins To Echo, Creating The Effect That Timon Is Talking Into An Empty Void

  23. 23 In "The Martian" (2015), NASA Requests That Mark Watney Send A Picture Of Him From Mars, And He Poses Doing The Fonz's Thumbs Up

  24. 24 In "A Goofy Movie", Max And Goofy Drive Past A Couple On The Freeway

  25. 25 [A Star Is Born] The "Just Wanted To Take Another Look At You" Line Occurs In Some Way In Every A Star Is Born Movie

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