25 Hacks That Make Parenting Easy Breezy


We at Slydor proudly sharing 25 parenting hacks for all moms and dads. Trust me these tricks will make your parenting easy breezy.


Well everyone knows that parenting, not an easy job. Obviously its a twenty-four hours standby work. So to make your day and nights more relaxed you should know some useful hacks. Whatever your kid age is you can follow some solutions to save your time. For example, a dad put different items on a board like keys, alphabets, and calculator, etc. So that his child gets busy playing with these things in one place. It means a variety of things at the same place will fully grab the attention of the kid. This is truly a genius idea to keep him busy. Moreover, other hacks are beneficial too.

Thus guys its a full treatment in the form of 25 hacks that will make your parenting moments easy breezy. Also,this related post will give you more info. So Just check these hacks and grab them instantly. And make your parenthood easier. Happy parenting!

  1. 1 Way To Keep Him Busy

  2. 2 Nothing Beats Water Play. Grab A Tub Of Mud, One Of Clean Soapy Water And A Sponge And Let Them Loose With Their

  3. 3 Its A Great Idea To Barbeque When You Have A Toddler

  4. 4 Music Can Help You To Stop Your Child From Crying

  5. 5 Give Them Something To Squeeze

  6. 6 Give Reward For Good Behaviour On A Long Flight

  7. 7 These Doorknobs Can Help Kids To Open Any Door

  8. 8 Beach Hack: Baby Powder Will Get All The Sand Off Those Bodies Before They jump Back In The Car

  9. 9 A Simple Activity To Get The Kids Involved In; Simple Grab A Jar, Fill It With Sand From Your Holiday And Some Other Mementos.. Think Interesting Shells, Rocks And Leaves

  10. 10 Use 3D Fabric Paint To Make Any Footed Pjs, Booties Or Socks Slip-Proof

  11. 11 Keep Them Busy This Summer. Learning And Playing And Ready For School Soon. This Works With Some Older Kids Too!

  12. 12 Getting Some Big Chunky Chalks And Either One Of These Water Guns Or Just Clean Out An Old Spray Bottle. Great Idea For Playing

  13. 13 It's Also A Great Idea. To memorize Your Kids The Month When You Bought Toothbrush. Use A New Toothbrush Every 3 Months

  14. 14 The Only Way To Keep This Crazy Kiddo From Running Around The Park With A Bowl Full Of Snacks (And Losing Said Bowl) Is To Pretend It’s Attached To Our Wagon

  15. 15 It’s Really Hard To Get The Kids Into A Routine. This Kids Clock Is Really Easy For Them To Read With Different Colours For Each Hour

  16. 16 Its A Genius Idea To Make Kids Eat Fresh And Vegetables

  17. 17 Great Idea

  18. 18 Sand Box Can Bring Fun Into Kids Activities

  19. 19 Stickers Can Help Your Koid Where To Stay In The Parking

  20. 20 Use Glue To Save Kids From Slipping

  21. 21 A Giant Game Board In Your Deck For Kids Playing Is A Nice Idea

  22. 22 Always Carry Baby Wipes With You

  23. 23 For Hanging Solution For The Bibs And Snap Bottom Suits

  24. 24 Tie Ribbons And Toys To The Freezer Door Handle To Keep Baby Busy While Your Work

  25. 25 Easy Activity For The Kids Indoors, Then How About This Beautiful Rainbow Xylophone To Introduce The Young Ones To The World Of Music

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