25 Of The Most Unexpected Snaps You Wish You Saw Sooner Part 6


Here are 25 of the most unexpected snaps you wish you saw sooner. But Slydor quickly brings the sixth part. Because we know this series of unexpected photos is your all time favorite.


While at first, this episode is full of wonders and unusual things. Secondly, all the pictures are astonishing. The most tricky pic is number one that is actually a broken antenna on a car but it really looks like a ship on the water surface. So it’s twisted. Obviously unexpected things open doors of the mind. You look and you think about it too. Hence check the list. Snaps are ready for you. To be continued!











  1. 1 My Broken Antenna On My Car Looks Like A Half Sunken Boat

  2. 2 Snapped Photo Just At The Right Time

  3. 3 Elephant Rock In Molokai Hawaii

  4. 4 Perfect Balance

  5. 5 I Have A Bi Lateral Coloboma A Condition Where My Iris Did Not Form All The Way

  6. 6 Water Hole In Ethiopian Salt Flats

  7. 7 Before And After Special Effects

  8. 8 This Drawing Made By Arinze Stanley Looks Like A Photo

  9. 9 Jaws Made Completely Using LEGOs By Steve Gerling

  10. 10 Beautiful Shot Of Saturn From The Cassini Probe

  11. 11 This Flying Robot Is Powered By A Laser And Weighs Only 180mg!

  12. 12 Realistic Octopus Tattoo

  13. 13 Zoomed In Tip Of A Red Ball Point Pen

  14. 14 'Perched Villages' Are The Traditional Architectural Style Of The French Maritime Alps

  15. 15 Dogsled On A Meltpond In Greenland

  16. 16 A Black Bear Without Fur

  17. 17 Nails Of The Crown Eagle, One Of The Deadliest Predators

  18. 18 NYC From Above

  19. 19 A Very Colorful Boi, Mantis Shrimp

  20. 20 How Islands Can Cut Through The Clouds And Create Waves Like A Ship In The Water

  21. 21 Curly Chicken. Fluff

  22. 22 Creature Eye Lollipops

  23. 23 Giants Causeway Northern Ireland, All Formed Naturally!

  24. 24 Living In A House Like This

  25. 25 This Is What A Platypus’ Foot Looks Like

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