25 Of The Most Unexpected Things You Wish You Saw Sooner Part 13


Slydor presents 25 of the most unexpected things you wish you saw sooner. And this is episode 13. Another surprising treat for our gorgeous readers that is really amazing.


The things that are most unexpected are rare to find but surprisingly we gather some stuff that is just amazing. Well guys when you will see a piece of plastic, thrown into the sea in 1976, still hasn’t degraded at all. This is pretty much astonishing. So you should visit this post to see all the photos below. Hopefully, these pictures will entertain you like the previous one. Therefore scroll down and enjoy. Thanks.

For more pictures see this link.

Source: Reddit


  1. 1 This Piece Of Plastic, Thrown Into The Sea In 1976, Still Hasn't Degraded At All

  2. 2 Mae Jamison, The First African-American Woman In Space Gets Her Own Lego Figurine

  3. 3 Seattle’s Gum Wall

  4. 4 An Opal With A Sky Of Its Own!

  5. 5 This Chain Is So Old And Rusted It Looks Like Wood

  6. 6 Xylaria Polymorpha, Commonly Known As Dead Man's Fingers

  7. 7 A Team Of Scientists, Engineers, And Two World-Class Balloon Pilots Successfully Launched A House With 300 Weather Balloons

  8. 8 Trippy Staircase

  9. 9 The Mexican Alligator Lizard

  10. 10 Shark Teeth

  11. 11 Melting.. Artwork

  12. 12 World's Largest USB Drive

  13. 13 Human Vs Ostrich

  14. 14 Statue Made Out Of Driftwood

  15. 15 Blue Turtle With A Dirty Shell

  16. 16 Alien Pet Or Some Type Of Crab?

  17. 17 The Nervous System

  18. 18 Wooden Mouse Skeleton

  19. 19 This Volcano Looks Like Souls Being Dragged To The Depths Of Hell

  20. 20 Secret Agent Flan

  21. 21 Disco Pooping Vibes

  22. 22 Lady Dead Hand Carved

  23. 23 This Is What 15 Years Of Rust Accumulation In A Water Pipe Looks

  24. 24 This Canadian $2 Coin Glows In The Dark

  25. 25 This Theatre Stage In The Water Is Pure Art

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