25 Snaps Of The Most Unexpected Things You Wish You Saw Sooner Part 3


Look 25 snaps of the most unexpected things you wish you saw sooner. Guys this third episode have special pictures. Because Slydor knows the taste of gorgeous readers. Therefore we create the third part. And believe me, it is splendid.


Indeed this is a bundle of most awesome photos. Are you getting curious now? Obviously but wait for a while. Let us tell you briefly about images. The wooden owl is all hand made by a man. Who is in the photo too. This is an unexpected huge man-made owl. Similarly, cotton candy lobster can be seen once in a blue moon. This is mindblowing. And make you feel acknowledged. From image number one till number 25 all pics are unexpected. You truly wish you saw them sooner. Now don’t wait and put the paddle on the boat. Here are the images:



  1. 1 Quentin Tarantino And His Cast In Cannes 25 Years Apart

  2. 2 Cotton Candy Lobster. 1 In A Million Catch

  3. 3 Whale Swimming In A Desert

  4. 4 A Bee's Eye

  5. 5 The Inside Of This Ethiopian Opal Looks Like A Hard Boiled Egg

  6. 6 This Is What A Sunset On Earth Looks Like From Space

  7. 7 A Fun Fact You Didn't Need To Know: Elephants Got Some Big Ole' Breasts

  8. 8 These Sculptures Are Made Of Sand

  9. 9 This Opal Coloured Noodle Friend

  10. 10 Butterflies Hand Carved

  11. 11 Chainsaw Carving - Artist - Shane Christensen Sunshine Coast Australia

  12. 12 Three Burrowing Owl Babies

  13. 13 Dale Chihuly’s “Glass Neon Chandelier”

  14. 14 This Necklace

  15. 15 Farm Dogs Leading Their Cattle Out Of The Flood Towards Safety

  16. 16 A Canadian Beach

  17. 17 Tribute Tattoo For My Dad

  18. 18 The Goldblum Experience

  19. 19 The Maldives Has A Filter Of Its Own

  20. 20 A Coin With Princess Diana. Made In 1981

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