25 Snaps Of The Most Unexpected Things You Wish You Saw Sooner Part 4


Imagine 25 snaps of the most unexpected things you wish you saw sooner. And here is part four of our best series of photos. Because it is as cool as our previous effort. In fact, these photos have an unusual element that creates a sense of uniqueness. Therefore some of the pictures are extremely unfamiliar.


See the list below. 25 of the most unexpected photos you wish you saw sooner. And Slydor again gathers them for you. Watch them out and enjoy. You must wait for the next. Cheers!

  1. 1 Nice Gate

  2. 2 Sophie Turner Has A Stunt Double That Looks More Like Sophie Turner Than Sophie Turner

  3. 3 The Hand Of An X-Ray Technician At The Royal London Hospital Showing Damage From Radiation Exposure, 1900

  4. 4 A Big Eye

  5. 5 Pineberries. White Strawberries That Taste Like Pineapple

  6. 6 A Wheatfield In The Heart Of Manhattan, 1982

  7. 7 A Resort In The Maldives

  8. 8 There Here Hand Carved

  9. 9 Wut In Meteorite Illumination

  10. 10 Onygena Equina, A Species Specialized In Breaking Down Animal Horns

  11. 11 Origin By Chad Knight

  12. 12 Abraham Lincoln Without His Beard

  13. 13 The Way This Pineapple Has Baby Pineapples Randomly Growing Out Of It

  14. 14 This Set Of Nail Clippers

  15. 15 These Miniature Guitars

  16. 16 This Pic Of Elvis Presley If He Was Still Alive Today

  17. 17 Swimming For The First Time

  18. 18 First Time In My Life I've Ever Seen A Tea Cup I Actually Wanted To Own

  19. 19 Closeup Photo Of A Heteronympha Merope Butterfly

  20. 20 A Trainer Swimming And Dancing With Tigers At The Institute For Greatly Endangered And Rare Species

  21. 21 A 3 Million Year Old Megalodon Shark Tooth From North Carolina

  22. 22 My Favorite Photo I’ve Ever Taken At Slab City, CA

  23. 23 Rare Sighting Of An Owl Cat

  24. 24 Boys Will Be Boys!

  25. 25 The Greatest Sculpture In The History Of Sculptures By Elizabeth Cane

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