25+ Horrible Tattoo Face Swap fails Will Make You Laugh The Hardest


Having a bad tattoo isn’t someone desire but unfortunate things happen. Bad tattoos are as invisible as air, just tucked in sleeves or jeans. They stuck to you forever unless you go for tattoo cover up. The following tattoo fail list describes a lot of skills. I’d say these tattoo artists did damn jobs. I’ve seen some pretty bad tattoos in my life, but never any as bad as these.


Getting your body inked isn’t everything. You have to double check whether its a right tattoo or not by comparing drawing and combine it with the real thing. You can use the face swap app that’s going pretty viral at present. In the list below, the Slydor team has gathered examples of funny and terrible tattoo face swap fails. Hold on tight, unstoppable laughter will make you fall on the floor. Keep going and have fun!

  1. 1 Mob Barley

  2. 2 This Joker

  3. 3 Weirdward

  4. 4 Infected Nermern Reedus

  5. 5 The Most Handsome Elvurs Prursley

  6. 6 JFC Fhris Carley

  7. 7 Retarded Monroe

  8. 8 A Portrait of Mama

  9. 9 Mreddie Fercury

  10. 10 Wayne’s World

  11. 11 Howling Wolf

  12. 12 This Tiger

  13. 13 This Hunk The Freddie Mercury

  14. 14 Creepy Baby Girl

  15. 15 Ugly Betty

  16. 16 Beautiful Kids

  17. 17 A Dog Sparrow?

  18. 18 This Doggo

  19. 19 Fenjamin Branklin

  20. 20 Jichael Mackson

  21. 21 Wamy Ainehouse

  22. 22 A Happy Bear

  23. 23 Baby

  24. 24 This Little Girl

  25. 25 A Majestic Lion

  26. 26 Saddest Scary Tiger Ever!

  27. 27 Sheleen

  28. 28 This Surprised Bear

  29. 29 Steve-o

  30. 30 Freakin Weird White Tiger

  31. 31 Gulk Hogan


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