25 Things That Taste Truly Awful But Executed Well


Lets, see 25 things that truly taste awful but executed well. Indeed anything can be tacky whether its a dress or haircut. This article is fully loaded with such photos.


Well, few things have a truly awful taste but executed really well. Because the idea was bad but it turned out so good. Like the bride who is wearing pizza dress for her wedding is just weird. However, it is unique that no one can think about such a wedding gown.

Slydor, therefore, compiles things that are awful in taste but executed well. Thus scroll down to see the results. Here are the following photos:

Source: Reddit

  1. 1 Pizza Dress For Your Wedding

  2. 2 Hannibal Lecter Purse

  3. 3 This Hanging Anglerfish Chair Decor

  4. 4 Ummmm...Gross

  5. 5 Blinky

  6. 6 This Swing

  7. 7 Toilet Seat Found In Oklahoma

  8. 8 Poseidon's Throne

  9. 9 Death Mobile

  10. 10 Truly Awful Taste

  11. 11 Deadpool

  12. 12 My First One In The Wild

  13. 13 Sure That Works

  14. 14 Batman Has A Grandma?

  15. 15 And Somehow His Personality Is Still Worse

  16. 16 Caterpillar Lashes

  17. 17 These Toy Story Boots

  18. 18 Why Is It So Thicc Tho?

  19. 19 To Make Dressy Toe Shoes

  20. 20 I Mean, That Does Take Some Talent

  21. 21 RIP

  22. 22 This Thing In White Temple

  23. 23 Not Really “Crappy” But Stil

  24. 24 Not A Jaguar Just An Audi

  25. 25 Got Milk?

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