30 Absolutely Perfectly Timed Photos


Look at these absolutely perfectly timed photos. Indeed timming in photography is really important. Slydor gather such confusing pictures and compile them in this post.


Obviously taking pictures is a craze for every one. Becuase you have best cameras in your own moblie phones. So a normal person easily take clicks. But sometimes photos suddenly capture at wierd angles that looks so puzzling. Therefore a photos taken at right time and right moment is completly disturbing. Finally our todays article 30 images that are absolutely clicked at perfect time. See the gallery below. You can not guess before looking twice. Read and enjoy guys!

Source: Reddit


  1. 1 It's A Fluffy Pink Dress

  2. 2 This One Got To Me

  3. 3 Oh For Sure!

  4. 4 Just A Person With 0 Bicep Definition

  5. 5 Perfect Timing

  6. 6 Very Large Winglet

  7. 7 That’s What You Call A Sushi Roll

  8. 8 Ready To Go Snorkelling?

  9. 9 Senator Large Hands

  10. 10 Kakawww

  11. 11 Impressive 180-Degree Leg Turn

  12. 12 Roasted Cauliflower With Explosive Taste

  13. 13 Hmm

  14. 14 Dog Riding

  15. 15 What Is Happening

  16. 16 It Looks Life Sized

  17. 17 Wow That's One Small Child

  18. 18 Tiny Arm

  19. 19 Trash Sleeps In Trash

  20. 20 Still Don’t Understand

  21. 21 Dennis Rodman!

  22. 22 It Looks Like A Badly Photoshopped Tree

  23. 23 That Makes Sense Actually

  24. 24 Going For A Light Walk In Rainy London

  25. 25 This Photo Makes It Seem Like I Have A Ponytail

  26. 26 This Woman’s Hairstyle

  27. 27 Being Watched By A Balding Face

  28. 28 Holding Up 2 Trays Of Meat Using Right Hand And Mouth

  29. 29 He Looks So Derpy

  30. 30 Mark Van Three-Arms

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