30 Baffling And Crazy People Viewed On The Subway


Take a look at the 30 baffling and crazy people viewed on the subway. And undoubtedly its the place of weirdness and total craziness. When you take your first step in into the subway a journey of hilarity begins.


It’s not rare but often baffling and crazy people viewed traveling on the subway. You can visit this link to check these weird people. Obviously, the subway where all wtf things you can spot them easily. Because one cant guess what happens to these passengers while traveling. The way such hilarious people appears is far from normality.

However baffling and crazy people look funny too. Here Slydor collects 30 new photos of people on the subway. Let’s see what they are doing in the subway that makes them weird. Visit below the listed photos. Take a look.

Source: Reddit, Instagram



  1. 1 This Punk Helping A Woman Carry Heavy Stuff In Berlin's Subway

  2. 2 Einstein Achieve Time Travel

  3. 3 Welcome To The Matrix

  4. 4 Just A Business Man Riding The Subway In Moscow

  5. 5 A Personal Space Box

  6. 6 Metro, Moscow

  7. 7 When Mom Lets You Dress Yourself For School

  8. 8 I Saw A Duck On The Train Man. It Was Too Much Man

  9. 9 Bushman

  10. 10 I’ll Grab The Next Train

  11. 11 I Saw An Alien On The Subway Last Night

  12. 12

  13. 13 A Great Way To Keep Warm Tonight

  14. 14 It Seems The Woman On The Right Wants To Take One Of The Pencils From Her Head

  15. 15 Meanwhile In New York

  16. 16 OMG

  17. 17 On The Train On The Way Home From Oktoberfest

  18. 18 Be Trendy

  19. 19 This Is Art

  20. 20 Would You Accept?

  21. 21 It’s Quicker To Take Your Bike On NYC Subway Than Ride It

  22. 22 Friend Saw This Guy With Ribs On His Head In The Subway

  23. 23 So NYC MTA (Subway) Banned All Dogs Unless The Owner Carries Them In A Bag. I Think This Owner Nailed It

  24. 24 A Little Cameltoe On The Subway

  25. 25 Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You The Worlds Worst Person

  26. 26 Self Care

  27. 27 If The Shirt Fits!

  28. 28 Spider

  29. 29 Saving Up For My Heat Wave Electric Bill

  30. 30 Your Emergency Exits Are Located Here, Here, And Here

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