30 Celebrities Who Saved Peoples Lives Are Heroes In Real Life


These 30 celebrities who saved people’s lives are heroes in real life. Some people think that celebrities are egocentric. Maybe they have no regard for normal people. But we found that’s just not true. Indeed they are celebrities but carry a heart just like normal people. These lifesavers aren’t doing this for the cameras or the paparazzi. They helped others in need. And they didn’t care about anything else other than saving thier lives. We know heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but this is a look at some famous heroes. In every celebrity’s personality, there’s a first responder. Moreover, they take no time to prove it to the world. They might have a net worth but for each life they have saved make them priceless.


You will see 30 celebrities who thought nothing of themselves while saving people’s lives. In the list, you will find which celeb did the most heroic deed. This is just another way to appreciate celebrities who saved peoples lives are actually heroes in real life.

  1. 1 Ken Jeong - Age: 49 Born in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America

    'The Hangover' star is a licensed medical doctor. When a fan had a seizure during his stand-up show in Phoenix, USA, Jeong rushed to help her and stayed with her until she recovered.

  2. 2 Kelly Slater - Age: 47 Born in Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States of America

    Surfer Kelly Slater happened to be nearby when a rogue wave swept a mother and her young son off of the Kamehameha Highway in Oahu, Hawaii in January of 2016. When he saw that they were in trouble, he rushed in to save them from the powerful surf. Slater later wrote that it was just good timing. He said he had randomly stopped at that spot and happened to be in the right place at the right time. He also praised the lifeguards who were on their way to help. 

  3. 3 Clint Eastwood - Age: 88 Born in California, United States of America

    At a PGA Tour party in 2014, Eastwood performed the Heimlich maneuver on a fellow guest who was choking on a piece of cheese, saving the man's life.     

  4. 4 Harrison Ford - Age: 76 Born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

    Last year, he rescued a woman from a car accident. In 2001, he used his pilot skills to track down a 13-year-old Boy Scout who got lost in Yellowstone National Park.

  5. 5 Jennifer Lawrence- Age 28 Born in Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America

    The Oscar-winning actress once had to call 911 after she spotted a girl who had collapsed near her house. She helped the young woman until medical assistance arrived.

  6. 6 Dustin Hoffman - Age: 81 Born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America

    In 2012, Hoffman helped a jogger who collapsed in London's Hyde Park. The actor called paramedics, who managed to save the man's life.  

  7. 7 Kate Winslet - Age: 43 Born in Reading, United Kingdom

    Winslet was staying at the Caribbean mansion of her friend Sir Richard Branson during Hurricane Irene in 2011. After a lightning bolt hit the house and caused a fire, she was able to carry Branson's 90-year-old mother to safety. 

  8. 8 Simon Cowell - Age: 59 Born in Lambeth, London, United Kingdom

    He noticed that X Factor contestant Jacqui Gray had an unusually "raspy" voice. Gray later went to the doctor and found out she had a lung disease.words, the singer saw a doctor and discovered that she had a lung disease.  

  9. 9 Sean Penn - Age: 58 Born in USA, California

    Sean Penn, He has started organizations to help affected Haitians and spent long periods of time there. 

  10. 10 Hall & Oates -1980

    During their first tour in the 1980s, the musical duo was eating at a restaurant that was robbed by a man in a ski mask with a sawed-off shotgun. Thinking quickly, John Oates jumped on the robber and pushed him through a glass door. He held his foot on the perp until the cops arrived.

  11. 11 Mila Kunis - Age: 38 Born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine

    The actress once saved the life of a man who was working on her house when he started seizing. She called the paramedics and stayed with him until help arrived.

  12. 12 Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex - Age:34

    Harry knows a thing or two from his time in the army. He had to use the skills he learned when a rival player at a polo match collided with other riders and was knocked unconscious by his horse. The Prince had to roll him to a recovery position until he came back to consciousness.

  13. 13 Ryan Gosling - Age: 38 Born in London, Canada

    In 2011, Gosling was the good Samaritan when he broke up a nasty fight in the streets of New York. Later, the actor said he was "embarrassed" by the whole situation.

  14. 14 Garth Brooks - Age: 57 Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America

    The country star saved his two brothers, along with another family-of-four, when he evacuated them from the Oklahoma site where a grass fire had broken out.

  15. 15 Tom Cruise - Age: 56 Born in Syracuse, New York, United States of America

    When he witnessed a hit-and-run in 1996, but couldn't find the perpetrator, the actor paid for the victim's thousand-dollar emergency room bill.

  16. 16 Demi Moore - Age: 56 Born in Roswell, New Mexico, United States of America

    In 2009, the star contacted the police after a fan sent her a Twitter message in which she expressed suicidal thoughts. They were able to locate the girl's house and took her in for a psych evaluation.

  17. 17 Mark Harmon - Age: 67 Born in Burbank, California, United States of America

    The 'Modern Family' star rushed to help a woman who collapsed outside a Las Vegas night club on New Year's Day in 2012. She checked the woman's pulse and waited until paramedics arrived.

  18. 18 T.I. - Age: 38 Born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

    T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.) has been credited with saving two lives. According to Creed frontman Scott Stapp, the rapper took care of him after he jumped over the balcony of a Miami hotel in a drug-fueled haze. Then, in 2010, T.I. was on his way to shoot a music video when he heard that a man named Joshua Sparks was threatening to jump off an Atlanta building. He drove to the scene and spoke to Sparks via a video he recorded for the police, helping convince him to step back from the ledge.  

  19. 19 Ryan Kwanten - Age: 39 Born in Sydney, Australia

    This "True Blood" actor saved a life in 2011 when he spotted a man covered in blood lying in the middle of a Hollywood street. Kwanten stopped and helped moved the man out of the street, waiting until paramedics arrived.  

  20. 20 Rihanna - Age: 31 Born in Saint Michael Parish, Barbados

    'Grey's Anatomy' McDreamy witnessed a car crash in front of his house. He rushed to help the teen driver and stayed at the scene until the paramedics arrived.  

  21. 21 Luke Wilson - Age: 47 Born in Dallas, Texas, United States of America

    Luke Wilson helped save a woman after a three-car accident in Los Angeles on February 14, 2018. A driver lost control of his Ferrari, and hit a BMW and clipped Wilson's car before crashing into a pole. Wilson and another witness freed the trapped woman from her BMW and carried her to safety.

    The driver of the Ferrari, Mark William Gibello, died at the scene. He was driving professional golfer Bill Haas at the time of the crash.

  22. 22 Donnie Wahlberg - Age: 49 Born in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    This New Kid uses his Twitter account for good. In 2011, Donnie Wahlberg retweeted a blog post about a fan who was in need of a new kidney. Soon after, a flood of potential donors called the Vanderbilt Medical Center, one of whom was a match. The fortunate fan, a woman named Bobbette Miller, was scheduled for transplant a few months later.  

  23. 23 Jack Osbourne - Age: 33 Born in London, England

    Osbourne and a friend helped a woman who almost drowned after having a heart attack while swimming in Hawaii. They managed to pull her out to safety and resuscitate her until the ambulance arrived.

  24. 24 Sofía Vergara - Age: 46 Born in Barranquilla, Colombia

    The "Modern Family" actress helped a woman outside of a Las Vegas night club on New Year's Day 2012. The young woman had collapsed, and Vergara checked her woman's pulse and waited by her side until the paramedics came.  

  25. 25 David Lee Roth - Age:64 Born in Bloomington, Indiana, United States of America

    Since 2004, David Lee Roth has worked as an EMT in New York City. He has saved many lives, including a woman who was having a heart attack. He brought her back to life with a defibrillator.   who was having a heart attack? He brought her back to life with a defibrillator.  

  26. 26 Ray Davies - Age: 74 Born in Fortis Green, London, United Kingdom

    On an evening in 2004, the singer noticed a woman being robbed at gunpoint near the French Quarter in New Orleans. He chased after the perpetrators, who fired their weapons at him. Davies was shot in the leg, and the victim of the purse-snatching was unharmed.

  27. 27 Patrick Dempsey - Age: 53 Born in USA, Lewiston, Maine

    'Grey's Anatomy' McDreamy witnessed a car crash in front of his house. He rushed to help the teen driver and stayed at the scene until the paramedics arrived.

  28. 28 Liev Schreiber - Age: 51 Born in USA, California, San Francisco

    In 2013, a woman fell outside of Liev Schreiber's property. The actor rode a scooter to the scene of the accident and helped the woman up.  

  29. 29 Jamie Foxx - Age:25 Born in Illinois

    In 2016, Foxx proved he was a real-life superhero when he pulled a man out of a burning car. The victim had lost control and crashed into a drainage ditch, causing the car to roll several times and burst into flames.

  30. 30 Chance The Rapper - Age: 81 Born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America

     Rapper rounded up some of his notable moments from the year on Instagram's Instastories, including a modest anecdote about that time he pulled a man from a burning car and saved his life in April of 2018.

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