30 Greatest Actors Starred In The Worst Movies


Some of the greatest alive actors have starred in the worst movies of all time. And today we decided to bring out the list of these actors for you.


Firstly, the failure of a movie is usually because of a bad script. But most of the times a movie flops due to everything bad in it. Particularly, from concept to the screenplay to performance, everything counts. Not all movies go hit at the box office.

Well, some are a big disaster and disappointment at the same time. Especially for the actors, directors, producers and for the audience, off course!

The list contains your favourite actors working today. Further, you will see what their worst movies have been on the record. For instance, Sandra Bullock in the “The Blind Side” surely deserved an Oscar but got a huge critic. Same is the case with Tom Hanks. He deserves nothing less for being a usual exceptional performer.

Lastly, you can have an idea about the list of such unlucky productions. Like the plot of “Kingdom of Heaven” did not favour the selection of the cast much. Hence, it was subsequently satisfying and disappointing the critic and the fans respectively.

Therefore, we collected a list of greatest actors starred in the 30 worst movies that are hard to believe.

Let’s take a look and find out which one is more disappointing for critics. See the order from best to worst:


  1. 1 Sandra Bullock, "The Blind Side"

    Critic Score: 67%

    What the critics said: "Quite how Sandra Bullock deserved an Oscar for her one-note turn as bleached supermum Leigh-Anne is a mystery since it transforms a potentially worthwhile character study into a grandstanding star vehicle."  - Time Out

  2. 2 Lupita Nyong'o, "Non-Stop" (2014)

    Critic Score: 59%

    What the critics said: "The problem is that Non-Stop tries to be something it's not. It has one too many scenes that border on ludicrous, and the big reveal barely makes sense." -Globe and Mail

  3. 3 Tom Hanks, "The Ladykillers" (2004)

    Critic Score: 55%

    What the critics said: "There's the mind-numbing oompah rhythm of every gag telegraphed and every joke pounded into the ground." -Village Voice

  4. 4 Edward Norton, "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005)

    Critic Score: 39%

    What the critics said: "Since we barely know what's at stake -- were too confused and bored to care -- all this fighting means nothing to us, and yet Scott still hopes to rev us up with it." -Salon

  5. 5 Jake Gyllenhaal, "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" (2010)

    Critic Score: 36%

    What the critics said: "This movie is little more than a big noise bomb with jerky movements attached." -Detroit News

  6. 6 Daniel Day-Lewis, "Nine" (2009)

    Critic Score: 38%

    What the critics said: "How can a movie starring six Academy Award-winning actors be such a bore?" -Chicago Sun-Times

  7. 7 Anne Hathaway, "One Day" (2011)

    Critic Score: 37%

    What the critics said: "By the time this flat, excruciatingly predictable film reaches its drawn-out, melodramatic (and unintentionally comedic) ending, we've not only stopped caring about Emma and Dexter, we're actively rooting against them." -San Diego Union Tribune

  8. 8 Armie Hammer, "The Lone Ranger" (2013)

    Critic Score: 31%

    What the critics said: "Frustrating, lazy and lifeless." - Time Out

  9. 9 Kate Winslet, "Wonder Wheel" (2017)

    Critic Score: 31%

    What the critics said: "Whatever its director's motivations, a work so contemptuous of its own heroine is always going to border on the offensive." - Globe and Mail

  10. 10 Cate Blanchett, "The Monuments Men" (2014)

    Critic Score: 30%

    What the critics said: "A frustratingly flat film that drifts from moment to moment with a curious lack of urgency and an overbearing sense of self-importance." -Film.com

  11. 11 Jennifer Lawrence, "Passengers" (2016)

    Critic Score: 30%

    What the critics said: "Disappointing at best, problematic at worst." - Dallas Morning News

  12. 12 Matt Damon, "Suburbicon" (2017)

    Critic Score: 29%

    What the critics said: "The black characters are barely characters at all, and the murder mystery is a Hollywood hand-me-down." -Chicago Reader

  13. 13 Ryan Gosling, "Stay" (2005)

    Critic Score: 27%

    What the critics said: "This is the kind of flop that makes even the popcorn taste lousy." -New York Observer

  14. 14 Natalie Portman, "Your Highness" (2011)

    Critic Score: 27%

    What the critics said: "Dudes, we get it." -Newsday

  15. 15 Meryl Streep, "Lions for Lambs" (2007)

    Critic Score: 27%

    What the critics said: "Though these dialogues are worthy, the medium doesn't seem right for the message." -USA Today

  16. 16 Ben Affleck, "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" (2016)

    Critic Score: 27%

    What the critics said: "A movie that beats you into submission and makes you wonder if the sun will ever come out again." - The New Republic

  17. 17 Mila Kunis, "Jupiter Ascending" (2015)

    Critic Score: 26%

    What the critics said: "The Wachowskis create a churning, swooping C.G.I. the universe that's decorated to the corners of the frame without taste or imagination." - The New Yorker

  18. 18 Eddie Redmayne, "Jupiter Ascending" (2015)

    Critic Score: 26%

    What the critics said: "Don't even get me started on the aliens, many of whom would have been turned away from the cantina door in Mos Eisley." - The Atlantic

  19. 19 Tom Hardy, "This Means War" (2012)

    Critic Score: 25%

    What the critics said: "Yet another case of Hollywood execs trying way too hard to give the audience what they think it wants." -Time Out

  20. 20 Denzel Washington, "John Q" (2002)

    Critic Score: 23%

    What the critics said: "Cassavetes thinks he's making 'Dog Day Afternoon' with a cause, but all he's done is to reduce everything he touches to a shrill, didactic cartoon." -Entertainment Weekly

  21. 21 Amy Adams, "Leap Year" (2010)

    Critic Score: 22%

    What the critics said: "The most charming of actors can be left flailing in the face of a feeble script and direction." -Globe and Mail

  22. 22 Emma Stone, "Aloha" (2015)

    Critic Score: 19%

    What the critics said: "It's not bad so much as alien, like a romantic comedy made by someone who's researched human behavior but had very few brushes with it in person." - Buzzfeed News

  23. 23 Marion Cotillard, "Assassin's Creed" (2016)

    Critic Score: 18%

    What the critics said: "I suppose you could say the film made me slightly more likely to play one of the games, but only because I'd do just about anything before I saw this movie again." - Slate

  24. 24 Anthony Hopkins, "Transformers: The Last Knight" (2017)

    Critic Score: 16%

    What the critics said: "Michael Bay has promised that this is the last Transformers movie he will direct, which is no small relief. It will not, alas, be the last Transformers movie." - The Atlantic

  25. 25 Helen Mirren, "Collateral Beauty" (2016)

    Critic Score: 14%

    What the critics said: "Somewhere in a forest, a maple tree wants all its sap back." - US Weekly

  26. 26 Will Smith, "After Earth" (2013)

    Critic Score: 14%

    What the critics said: "The movie takes off from a concept as basic as a video game, and it sticks to that concept, without surprise." -Entertainment Weekly

  27. 27 Johnny Depp, "Mortdecai" (2015)

    Critic Score: 12%

    What the critics said: "Depp's strenuously unfunny performance turns a frivolous caper comedy into a grim death march to the closing credits." - Newsday

  28. 28 Nicole Kidman, "Trespass" (2011)

    Critic Score: 10%

    What the critics said: "As terrible movies go, it's not unentertaining - once you surrender to its trashmeister idiocy." -Time Out

  29. 29 Halle Berry, "Catwoman" (2004)

    Critic Score: 9%

    What the critics said: "Another hundred million dollars down the drain." -The New Yorker

  30. 30 Michael Fassbender, "The Snowman" (2017)

    Critic Score: 8%

    What the critics said: "In this soul-deadening freeze, who wouldn't seek solace in a bottle? Or in the physical warmth of a lover's arms? Or in mass murder?" - The Atlantic

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