30 Lol-Able Situations You Only See In China


The world is a platform of amazing various cultures. A few come with supernatural qualities, some got genuinely genius traits. But we came across CHINA. It is a wonderful country filled with amazing people. The popularity runs in this culture for the way they endure thier living style.


Slydor loves to share things gathered from around the globe. Today’s post contains hilarity you probably didn’t expect from Chinese. Here’s the list of 30 lol-able situations you only see in China. Laughter is guaranteed and if it doesn’t happen, we owe you big time! Now time to scroll down and see what we are talking about.

  1. 1 Head stand bike show with fully functional breaks. Amazing man! Amazing!

  2. 2 The kid in the front is in a mood to break the chains

  3. 3 Those eye, hard to find in China. Anyway!

  4. 4 When he claims he never miss a chance, he's right!

  5. 5 I just forgot to put my cloths on

  6. 6 Even children sleep in a proper way

  7. 7 Things that are often seen in China

  8. 8 Buddy that's my way

  9. 9 And this trio... wao!

  10. 10 Budget friendly clothing

  11. 11 He needed it

  12. 12 My aunt carries me all the way to school

  13. 13 Yikes!

  14. 14 Dance practice for my homecoming

  15. 15 I'll have a lovely view, they said!

  16. 16 He's got a medal for his fashion strategy

  17. 17 It happens in Asia, and it works too!

  18. 18 Things we do when we're in a relationship

  19. 19 Dang it!

  20. 20 Hot sunny day

  21. 21 Safety at the priority

  22. 22 They're nine and I am one. Honestly, It won't work!

  23. 23 Something was telling me to cancel plan for shopping today

  24. 24 Half man dried out

  25. 25 Just usual snack trash

  26. 26 Genius thinking

  27. 27 At least statue won't dine on the pupper

  28. 28 Parking for standard bikes and calves

  29. 29 Unique way of a built

  30. 30 A house in China

  31. 31 Dating style in China

  32. 32 Safe her pants first. You jack as*!

  33. 33 A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  34. 34 This Legit dentist on the street of China

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