30 Of The Most Unexpected Things You Wish You Saw Sooner Part 12


A 6.55” Monster Megalodon Tooth Found Off The Coast Of North Carolina. Have you ever seen such a thing before? Obviously this the most unexpected thing you wish you saw sooner.


This part is full of wonderful things that are rare to see. Slydor seeks 30 new pictures from the internet for your interest. Most probably all photos are astonishing. Like the picture of a Translucent Frog and one seat car called ego. You will like every pic of this post. Moreover, this link will give you extra material you like to add into your collection. Therefore visit this post below. Check them out. 30 of the most unexpected things you wish you saw sooner are here. Scroll over and enjoy. Thanks!

Source: Reddit




  1. 1 A 6.55” Monster Megalodon Tooth Found Off The Coast Of North Carolina

  2. 2 Mount Toblerone, Zermatt Switzerland

  3. 3 Cow Shoes Used By Moonshiners In The Prohibition Era To Disguise Their Footprints

  4. 4 A Translucent Frog

  5. 5 The Vasculature Of A Horse Hoof

  6. 6 This Is The Burning Man Festival As Seen From Space

  7. 7 Graphene Aerogel, The Worlds Lightest Material, Has A Density Of Just 0.16 Milligrams Per Cubic Centimetre Which Is Approximately 7.5 Times Less Dense Than Air

  8. 8 Wood Resin Fish, Share With Everyone

  9. 9 A Young Ryan Reynolds With A Fish And His Fly Down (Early 80s)

  10. 10 Terror Bird Skull

  11. 11 One Seat Car Called Ego

  12. 12 The Tallest Palm Tree In The World Is Located In Colombia

  13. 13 Man Sized Iguana From Galapagos Islands

  14. 14 This University Building In Sydney

  15. 15 Tiny Snail On A Grape Is Posing For His Photo

  16. 16 A Breed Of Crickets So Rare That There’s Only A 1 In 500 Chance Of Finding One

  17. 17 Medusa Hand Carved

  18. 18 The Wisest Tree Of All

  19. 19 This Sculpture Made Of Colored Pencils

  20. 20 Antique Mechanical Calculator, Found At A Flea Market

  21. 21 The 8 Surviving Apollo Astronauts For The 50th Anniversary Of The Moon Landing

  22. 22 This Praying Mantis Is Actually A Paper Sculpture Made Entirely Out Of Fine Crepe Paper

  23. 23 Fossilized Poop. Million Years Old Poops For Sale

  24. 24 195 Gigapixel Photo Of Shanghai

  25. 25 Cars Are The Ultimate Object Of Design

  26. 26 Double Yolk Beet Pickled Egg

  27. 27 Nibbling On Leaves

  28. 28 A 1.5km Wide Impact Crater On The Surface Of Mars

  29. 29 Palm Sized Aquarium

  30. 30 100+ Year Old Clam Shell..Both Pieces Weigh More Than 100 lbs

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