30 Panoramic Fails When Panorama Goes Wrong


Indeed we are living in an era of smartphones who have the best cameras. So taking a photo like professional photographers is not tough now. But sometimes this device can deceive you.


Well, here we are talking about panoramic shots who go absolutely wrong. Slydor compiles 30 panoramic fails for you. And guys these fails are insanely hilarious. Whereas some are disgusting. For example, the boy who is very photogenic ha ruined his photo and he is looking funny. In contrast, the woman with three tongues is looking creepy. So you will find different panoramic fail clicks. Of course, these fails are epic. Finally, scroll down and see list till the end. Enjoy these panoramic fail photos and stay tuned. Cheers!

  1. 1 This Picture Is Funnier

  2. 2 Well Hello

  3. 3 Very Photogenic

  4. 4 Damn Girl

  5. 5 The Gazelle

  6. 6 Friendliest T-Rex I've Ever Seen

  7. 7 That's The Guy I'd Want Around

  8. 8 You Are A Funky Person

  9. 9 When Panorama Goes Wrong, And You Have 3 Tongues

  10. 10 My Dad Trying To Take Panoramic’s Of Me

  11. 11 That is Terrifying

  12. 12 The Arm Bone's Connected To The Neck Bone

  13. 13 That Smile... Help

  14. 14 I Wonder How Fast We Could Run If We Had 3 Legs

  15. 15 Captain Fantastic Yeah!

  16. 16 Like That Freaking Penguin Meme

  17. 17 Hahaha!

  18. 18 Lolipop

  19. 19 Genuinely Terrified

  20. 20 Hahaha, Naaa It's About Accurate

  21. 21 Her Face Looks Like She Just Won A Solitaire Game

  22. 22 I Can’t Tell If It’s Looking At Me Or Not

  23. 23 I Hear You, I Truly Do

  24. 24 That's A Keeper!

  25. 25

  26. 26 Unrealistic Body Images For Women!

  27. 27 And Became Peter Dinklage

  28. 28 That Guy Is Super Flexible

  29. 29 DisconNECKted

  30. 30 Right Head

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