30 People Terribly Failed On Parenting


Parents do never plan to fail. There are times when parents also forget things. Because no one is perfect. After all, parenting is not an easy task. But some parents have an incredible irresponsible attitude that they fail on parenting quite badly. Despite not having wrong intentions they are the winner for doing the job wrong.


The parenting fails we have compiled here are so hilarious that’ll make you laugh hard or feel pity for little poor souls. They are surely relatable if you’re a parent. Now scroll down to have fun.

  1. 1 We Are Terrible Parents, No More Needs To Be Said.

  2. 2 We Are About To Reach

  3. 3 My Two Year Old Painted Her Hands And Nails Whilst My Back Was Turned. Excellent!

  4. 4 Yes!

  5. 5 Bought My Kids Smart Phones And When I'm Talking To Them I Get No Response!

  6. 6 Do I Know Where My Son Is? Yes, He’s In The Tumble Dryer! 😦

  7. 7 Pretty Sure He Ate Most Of That Paint Before I Noticed Him

  8. 8 I Was Spitting Sunflower Seeds Out The Window On The Way Home But I Guess They Found Their Way Back In The Car

  9. 9 Perfectly Timed Photo

  10. 10 Little Snoozer And The Amount Of Sugary Cereals In The Cart

  11. 11 The "Oh No, I Didn't Think This One Through"

  12. 12 Julian Falls Out Of Hammock Whilst I'm Too Involved Taking A Picture!

  13. 13 Baby Face Plant In Sand!

  14. 14 Left My Baby With Paints And All Stuff Alone For The Toilet Break When I Returned She Already Had Explored Visual Art With Herself As The Canvas! Thank Goddess For Washable Paints!

  15. 15 I Tried To Get A Cute Picture Of My Sleeping Baby And The Flash Went Off

  16. 16 And Then, Well, Then There Was The Day The Potty Got Stuck!!

  17. 17 Ten Minutes Before Leaving The House To Lead The Family Service At Church Today I Was Faced With This!

  18. 18 This Is How To Survive Soccer Season With 4 Kids

  19. 19 Mother Bought Her Daughter A Voucher For A Boob Job

  20. 20 Labor Was Like 13 Hours And Mom Is Like "No I'll See What I Missed In My Social Circle First Will See My Baby Then"

  21. 21 Fell Asleep And The Girls Found The Markers

  22. 22 This Concerned Mother Is Worried About The Sound Of The Jackhammers Affecting Her Unborn Child

  23. 23 Dad Put The Swimsuit On Backwards And It Became A Different Kind Of Swimsuit.

  24. 24 Is It Supposed To Be Fun?

  25. 25 This Dad Doesn’t Even Look Upset About It

  26. 26 Drunk Dad Had A Designated Driver, His 8 Year Old Son!

  27. 27 This Mom Is Happy To Teach How To Twerk

  28. 28 Mom Gives 8 Year Old Botox

  29. 29 Parents Fought In A Grocery Store, Left Store Thinking That Other Had The Baby, Reached Home In Two Separate Vehicles And Realized Neither Of Them Had The Baby

  30. 30 This Baby Already Belongs To A Gang

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