30 Photos Prove That Japan Is Heaps Weirder


These 30 photos prove that Japan is heaps weirder. Because Japan sights, architecture, interior, fashions and tradition all are odd and different. So getting lost in Japan is fun and more interesting especially when you are a new visitor there.


Unbelievably Japan is heaps weirder. No doubt it is a great country. But it is wonderfully weird at times and absolutely beautiful. So let’s talk about the reasons. Like if you are going on some road Japan and suddenly a huge gorilla’s head is hanging over from a building. Don’t scare its just a funny building design. Also, Japan definitely bought out the big kids in us. Look at picture number four you will get the answer. So wonderfully weird at times and absolutely beautiful country is only Japan.

This is the reason Slydor compiles photos of Japan that are heaps weirder. Hope your weekend is full of good food, great people and interesting places to see.
Let’s go!

Source: Instagram

  1. 1 Performance Artists At Sangenjaya Street

  2. 2 Weird

  3. 3 The Weirdest Ride

  4. 4 Giraffe Space Traveler Themed J-Pop Band

  5. 5 Coffee-Flavored Noodles

  6. 6 The Asahi Flame At Asahi Headquarters

  7. 7 Japan Kfc

  8. 8 Poop Museum

  9. 9 A Strange Scarecrow

  10. 10 Weird Japan

  11. 11 This Funny Building

  12. 12 Snacks And A Weird Drink

  13. 13 Another Weird Snack

  14. 14 Such A Yummy Frog

  15. 15 Monster Cafe

  16. 16 Rabbit Inception

  17. 17 Wtf

  18. 18 Wonderfully Weird

  19. 19 Emoji Poo And Ice Cream!

  20. 20 Mannequin Dolls

  21. 21 Just A Normal Playground

  22. 22 Better Place Than The Tracks!

  23. 23 Body And Laugh Positivity

  24. 24 Chopstick Rest

  25. 25 Street Art

  26. 26 Bread Bag

  27. 27 Melon Kitkat

  28. 28 Art Museum

  29. 29 Cosplay As A Japanese Corn Snack

  30. 30

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