30 Roast Me Photos That Left A Serious Burn


Reddit is also a weird place which is full of strange things. Our Slydor team catches the most sizzling roast of this month from r/roastme. People upload their own photos and ask to roast them. But there are absolutely fewer restrictions for negative and brutal comments. Despite this, everyone is ready to be mocked. No doubt some roast is really funny exactly fitted on the specific person, but some can hurt you wildly. 


Well if you have a desire to be roasted share your picture and then people left you with a serious burn. So be prepared to get roasted fully. Right now is the list of new and freshly roasted photos. Visit like and share with your friends. Enjoy!

Credit: Reddit

  1. 1 You Look Like A Cartoon Baby

  2. 2 Celine Dion Is Looking For Her Wig Back

  3. 3 Her Face Is Uncircumcised

  4. 4 I Bet He Can Clog A Toilet With A Fart

  5. 5 Never Knew Hitler's Youth Was Still A Thing

  6. 6 It’s Like Thanos Snapped His Fingers And It’s All Starting With Your Hair

  7. 7 You Have A Bright Future In The Trump Administration

  8. 8 God Makes Mistakes Sometimes

  9. 9 Oh Jesus Your Going To Be A Terrible Mother-In-Law

  10. 10 "I Am Invincible!"

  11. 11 You Look Like A Giraffe With Autism

  12. 12 Are You Sure You’re A Dude?

  13. 13 So When Is The Gender Reveal Party?

  14. 14 Since The Nose Is Done Can You Do Something About The Rest Of The Face ?

  15. 15 Your Ears Are About To Take Off Mate

  16. 16 Even Your Weird Nipples Look Unhappy To See You

  17. 17 If You Sneeze, We’re All Dead

  18. 18 You Look Like Simon Cowell Viewed Through A Glass Bottle

  19. 19 If Acne Was A Human

  20. 20 Ping And Pong

  21. 21 Horses Usually Live In Barns So This Isn’t A Surprise

  22. 22 Rodrigo Alves With No Makeup

  23. 23 Looks Like A Bumper On Adult Swim

  24. 24 Cauliflower Top

  25. 25 Damn Girl, You Lookin Offended

  26. 26 Eyebrows: I Must Go Now, My Planet Needs Me

  27. 27 A Girl Wears Stupid Glasses And Takes Selfies

  28. 28 Gay And Special Needs Bob

  29. 29 Harry Potter With A Girl Snap Filter

  30. 30 Is She Contagious?

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