30 Things That Hilariously Look Like Food


Presenting 30 things that hilariously look like food. Yes, guys here Slydor gather amusing things from the internet hat really looks like edibles.


Surprisingly these items that are actually not food looking funny. Because at first, it will look like some ice cream scoop or banana bunch. But when you will look at the image closely it will totally turn out into a snake or a frog. Now, this is quite interesting. Let us explain more about this. For instance, take a look at these pictures. You can see a person’s hand having some popcorns but in reality, these are some sort of beach rocks he is showing. Similarly, other photos will fool your eyes for some seconds too. So somethings are just deceiving your vision but others hilariously look like food.

Thus this post will definitely challenge your cravings. Such as chocolate bars, ice cream, fruits, and snacks are in reality something else. ¬†Of course, you don’t want to eat after zoom in. Therefore just read them out. 30 things that hilariously look like food are ready to explore. Check them out. Enjoy Peeps!

Source: Reddit

  1. 1 I Toad You Not To Lick It

  2. 2 Look At This Tiny Bunch Of Bananas!

  3. 3 The Rocks Look Like Popcorn

  4. 4 Baguette With Coffee

  5. 5 I Thought It Was Flour Lol

  6. 6 This Forbidden Orange Juice

  7. 7 These Cool Snow Swirls On Logs That Look Like Ice Cream

  8. 8 Saw This Rock And Thought It Was A Cheesecake

  9. 9 Forbidden Ground Beef

  10. 10 Looks More Like Fettuccine Than Linguine

  11. 11 More Like Blessed Raspberry

  12. 12 I Was At Work One Day When I Found This Clay In The Shelf... Forbidden Chocolate For A Kid

  13. 13 The Cleaning Lady Took This From The Bathroom And Put It In The Fridge

  14. 14 Forbidden Ice Cream

  15. 15 Forbidden Meat - Rhodochrosite Crystal

  16. 16 The Pavement Knows What's Up

  17. 17 It Definitely Look Like Eggs

  18. 18 Weird Place To Leave A Slice Of Bread

  19. 19 Forbidden Jelly Beans

  20. 20 Forbidden Avacados

  21. 21 Mmm... Forest Caramels

  22. 22 This Dog's Leg Looks Like A Cheeto

  23. 23 Forbidden Mints

  24. 24 Looks Like Plastic Shavings From Drilling Holes Into Plastic

  25. 25 The Inside Of A Tennis Ball Looks Delicious

  26. 26 Forbidden Sushi

  27. 27 Looks Like Bacon

  28. 28 Forbidden Chocolate Bars

  29. 29 More Like Biang Biang Noodles

  30. 30 This Rock That Looks Like A Loaf Of Bread With A Bite Taken Out

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