30+ Of The Most Unfortunate Funny Sports Photos To Make You ROFL


Sports and games are an integral part of today’s life. They involve us, thrill us, make us happy or leave us sad. In any case, a true game is played when the players are involved in with all their heart and play it with their soul. During the play they forget everything and only remember that they have to win. 


Compiled below is a collection of images that reveal how their indulgence and love for the game sometimes result in unfortunate and extremely funny moments. Enjoy!

  1. 1 Bulls eye!

  2. 2 That's literally grabbing him by his --lls.

  3. 3 Wrong place to look for the ball

  4. 4 Itch itch! Those must be the b--t bugs

  5. 5 Bad timing for the first two. The man in red seems pregnant

  6. 6 Dirty minds! This coach is only trying to stretch the player's leg

  7. 7 This man could literally get over every hurdle in his way

  8. 8 No no! that's not going to work man.

  9. 9 Strange way of mourning over a missed shot!

  10. 10 Giving benefit of doubt, our guess could be wrong

  11. 11 Ouch! that's gross.

  12. 12 That's a bad place to land, how did he get in there?

  13. 13 Poor girl leaked!

  14. 14 I assume the blue one was about to hit the ball when the green one landed on him

  15. 15 Yeakh!

  16. 16 I am sure it was purely accidental

  17. 17 That's a weird way of distracting

  18. 18 Why is this man getting so intimate?

  19. 19 Nice play!

  20. 20 He will miss the shot if I will tickle him here...

  21. 21 Hold him there, he will die soon.

  22. 22 Woah!

  23. 23 Bad landing

  24. 24 Nice shot! I wonder how would this Chinese guy hit the ball?

  25. 25 Poor souls

  26. 26 Taking his breath away

  27. 27 He would go the distance and scramble every stone in his way

  28. 28 Eyeballs for a ball

  29. 29 Wrong hit!

  30. 30 He would do anything to save his ball

  31. 31 Wrestlers are gross

  32. 32 God, save me from this tyrant!

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