35 Of The Most Unexpected Snaps You Wish You Saw Sooner Part 5


This series of the most unexpected snaps you wish you saw sooner is doing great. So keeping this in mind Slydor brings the latest part of it for our gorgeous readers. And wow this brilliant.


These 35 snaps are really unusual. But so splendid too. Such as the caterpillar with penguin pattern, or the floor of the London science museum. The approximately whole list is awesome. Although this time we make a little bit long list. Don’t worry it is not boring. In fact, it will enhance your interest as you go down. I am hopeful that this will get popular too like our previous parts. Thus take a quick trip to this collection.  Watch 35 of the most unexpected snaps you wish you saw sooner. And enjoy!

See you soon. For more info visit r/pics, r/interestingasfuck, and r/mildlyinteresting


  1. 1 This Caterpillar Has Penguins On Its Back

  2. 2 The Floor At The London Science Museum Is Made Of Mini-Chromosomes

  3. 3 This "F Bomb" One Of My Customers Made

  4. 4 Took This At The Grove Of The Patriarchs In Washington State: Bark Of A 1000 Year Old Tree

  5. 5 I Chopped Some Wood And Found A Bullet!

  6. 6 This Door Knocker Thing We Have At Our Cottage In Norway

  7. 7 Door Handle At A Coffee Shop In Italy I Visited This Afternoon

  8. 8 This Conference Table Made From The Inside Of A Semi-Truck

  9. 9 Really Tiny American Coins

  10. 10 This Plant In My Garden Has Grown A Beard!

  11. 11 The Carpet Pattern In This Cinema Makes It Look Like The Floor's Surface Is Uneven

  12. 12 These Fan Blades

  13. 13 This Cicada I Found

  14. 14 I Was Given Six Spoons For My Singular Frosty

  15. 15 This Plant With ‘Crystals’ Growing On It

  16. 16 These 0.5 Pencil Lead Are Blue

  17. 17 This Small Locket Made From Two Old Indian 1/12th Anna Coins

  18. 18 Iceberg In Bacon Cove, Canada

  19. 19 This Fuzzy Bee Taking A Rest

  20. 20 This Bug On My Wall That Looks Hand Painted

  21. 21 Courteney Cox And Her Daughter Wearing The Same Dress 21 Years Apart

  22. 22 Keanu Reeve’s Grandma Is Chinese Haiwaiian

  23. 23 Paris Water Reserve

  24. 24 Donating My Ridiculously Thick Hair To The Little Princess Trust

  25. 25 Organized Color Art By Adam Hillman

  26. 26 Tahiti, Captured Through The Face Of A Breaking Wave

  27. 27 Blue Whale And Boat

  28. 28 40,000-Year-Old Ice Age Wolf Head Found In Siberia

  29. 29 What Flight Attendants Looked Like In The 70s

  30. 30 Tattoo Artist Who Lost His Arm Gets World’s First Tattoo Machine Prosthetic

  31. 31 Harvesting Grapes On The Volcanic Craters!

  32. 32 Atlantic Ocean Road In Norway

  33. 33 The Mirror Spider!

  34. 34 Dolphin Island In Amalfi Coast, In Italy

  35. 35 They Are Living Their Best Life In The Shanghai Mountains, In China

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