20+ Amazing Collection Of Pictures Will Make You Say ”Thank God It Wasn’t Me”


At times unexpected things happen, that could ruin your mood, clothes, car, an occasion or event, a horrible news or a road closure, in everyday life. So we start to blame luck and call it ”A BAD DAY”. More Often we have good days and sometimes bad days, It’s all part of life. And that’s what makes the going time quite interesting.


At SLYDOR, we have collected pictures of people who, definitely have had, experienced the worst day ever to take you out of your bore routine; you will find it funny or it may cause you jaw drop.

Thinking about what happened will make you ‘Thank God’ because it was not you. In fact, going through occasional misfortune will alert you to avoid it to happen to you.

Let’s take a look!!


  1. 1 Cutting The CAKE Didn't Go Quite WELL!

    People usually celebrate weddings, parties, anniversaries and graduations with cakes. This bride had to do cake ceremony on her wedding but the task became too much for her. She ended up failing to cut it and floor tasted the flavour instead. We can imagine embarrassment that was filled in the room. The bride and groom had the worst day on their wedding day.

  2. 2 When They Need A Weight Loss Instead Of Having Balance Loss

  3. 3 Pee Splash In Sun Bath ..Yukhhhhh!

  4. 4 Enjoying Tummy Rub Using A Car ..Really???

  5. 5 ''Mate Keep Breathing'' But Have You Caught A Fish Yet?

  6. 6 OMG! Epic Mud Puddle Splash

    Walking along the sidewalk, you don't expect to be drenched by a wave of muddy water.These girls had now the worst day because the driver did not take the time to notice the very large pool of mud. There is no reason for these women feeling good about this day.

  7. 7 And Then Red Stripes At The Back Of Cloths ..What A Blunder..LOL

    In films, we didn't find it funny sitting in wet paint. But in real life it is hilarious!.Anyone who passed this woman sitting on this bench has to point out or just let her figure it out for herself. How she may have missed those signs right at her feet!. This woman is literally going to have the worst day!

  8. 8 When Babes Have A Bad Luck ..!!

  9. 9 Hush Lil Laptop Don't You Cry For This Real Disaster

    While working on the computer, this person suddenly realized that there was a spot on their screen changing colors. After an investigation, he or she realized that they have put the candle too close to the computer.The Apple computer now has a hole. This person just had the worst day ever of all. Now looking to purchase a very expensive new computer.

  10. 10 Family Picture

    This family decided to take their own photo on the beach and the couple decided to swing their kids.The swing got out of control and when the photographer snapped the click, the little child began to plummet to the ground. This woman will probably be having the worst day and also anger towards her husband.

  11. 11 For Sure She Will Be Awake Now

  12. 12 Oh Myyyyyy.... Now He will Clean It All..Such A Luck

  13. 13 When You're Ready To Sip It But Break It Instead..Oooops

  14. 14 Wish They Were As Small As Lego Boxes But Hard Luck..It's A Devastating Day

  15. 15 Nose Blast...Not A Good Time For You Buddy!

  16. 16 Wonder How Much Stretch This Dress Got

  17. 17 I Don't Need Another Drink

  18. 18 WTF!! Why Mehhhhhhhhhh..Huh

  19. 19 Told You Not To Try With This Size

  20. 20 Poo Deco ...Latest Trend Perhaps

  21. 21 What A blessful Day, For This Guy Is Stuck In A Good Hand

  22. 22 Slime Or Jelly?? Lil Confused

  23. 23 Who Would Think Of This Kind Of Surprise?

  24. 24 This Cat Isn't Having Fun At All

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