8 Reasons Why People Combat With Dating


Loving wrong people with right intentions is a phenomenon, most of the times things remain in question, what happened and then why it happened. It all relates to the fundamental issues people go through in everyday life. 


Well, it can be about the basic thinking approach that you should improve as an individual, as more often problems exist within the mindset and in proceeding to date. 

Finding right date is not a huge issue, but for some people, it’s a bit complicated than it seems like. 

In another perspective, if the individual knows what exactly they are looking for, the date might become an ease for them. 

Being Too Picky

Social media has played a large role to put a huge range of choices on a plate, making people too confused with a vast variety of personalities, it is accurate to put blame on social media for interaction leaving us being too picky. 

There was a time when the internet was not the main source for finding the date when people found the right person by seeing friends of friends: somebody introduces someone at a party or a meeting or might be some time bump into each other at a crossroad and start with just a 'HI'.

Ever since social media has expanded its wings widespread almost all of the generation, had remarkably influenced people's relationships and their lives. 

Now everyone has a bunch of options to choose from; guess how many? Hundreds of thousands.

Seeing someone using dating app, having his profile in mind and as well your own preferences along with other profiles, how could you make a decision so easily? Hell of a confusion! On the other hand, some apps even score your match and then give percentage according to your personality.

Having so many options in mind leaves you unsatisfied, rather makes you too picky due to being connected with plenty of single potential partners. Wasting time on what will be your perfect match, focus on being content and happy instead!    

Be Careful With Your Social Media

Many people share their views using social websites and apps, for example; what is your opinion on Brexit, Racism or Gender equality etc. This can restrict a range of people from getting close to you, so it's better to avoid sinful statuses or share political views on Facebook or Tweet while you are hunting for a date.

Same way if you post enigmatic statuses like; “I really meant to accomplish a lot of important things today. Then I got out of bed, which totally ruined everything.” leaves your negative impression and ,to be honest, reader tends to stay away from such writer!


Exposure To The Media

Taking selfie is a common habit worldwide, but sometimes taking too many selfies and posting on social websites gives a psychological disturbed impact of people and put off potential individuals. 

Looking For A 'TYPE' A 'SOULMATE'

Talking about a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner is usually considered as a soulmate.

To find out your own type you will have to date a few people who are completely different than you are, this way you build your preferences and get to know someone's personality after you have spent some time.   

Making a judgment on appearance is a piece of cake but to know what's actually under the skin you will have to be patient and spare some time to know if they are fit for you or not.

You never know what you will have at the end of the day, maybe just a type you dream of or might be the one who could perfectly match your soul.

An Attitude

Attitude is one of the main effective elements in every relationship. If someone has a 'ME' attitude problem then it's unlikely to get along with them, they don't last long in a relationship even if they are successful to start one. The kind of self-obsessed attitude push away potential singles and it's hard to find a partner for them, therefore they embrace lonesome instead of bringing a change in behaviour.  

Individuals are more likely to get attracted to sweet, caring, honest, simple and smart singles, who do want to share lives as well as themselves.

An Excessive Reassurance

Depression is a fact that has characteristics that will make the epositive relationship more difficult to happen between two. People with depression likely to do something called 'excessive reassurance seeking', which is continuously asking to confirm that if he or she is loved and cared for. The worst thing is, it grows with time and explaining more often than usual leads to a break-up. 


Seeing Problems Where None Exist

People get anxious and try to find things that don't even exist. For example, keep thinking of losing the partner, whereas their partner has not even thought of it ever. Sometimes they start to get afraid if their loved ones will find someone prettier, smarter, cooler, taller, skinnier, nicer, calmer, cleaner, stronger or may be better than them. Such insecurity kills all that is beautiful. 

Remembering Your Ex

Life never stops then why you stopped moving, losing someone doesn't mean you have ended your life; time is the biggest healer of all medicines, it fades away harsh memories and empties the room for the new ones. And don't worry we always learn from experience, take it positively and move forward thinking it was a lesson. 

It becomes really difficult to cope with things that come in the way while taking a new turn and ex is at the top of the list. Especially starting to date from fresh may bring back some memories of your ex, you don't wanna get rid of. It literally ruins the new relationship if you hold on to it. Dumping the belongings that tie you back with past and change of routine, the place even friends you used to visit together, will help a lot to start a new life.

Tieng Back With Past

You're not ready for your next if you are replying to your ex.

Don't let your future relationship get affected by keeping in touch with your ex, it strongly impacts your life.

Game Over! Let Your Ex Go For Good

Comparing With What You Had Before

Any beautiful memory that lasts a lifetime is hard to erase from the memory box, but some people keep their previous relations in mind so alive that they tend to find the same type of person with similar habits and expect them to behave same way too. Unfortunately, if the experience was harsh they still compare and expect same from someone they hardly know. This can destroy the life after your ex has left you are trying to get over it, but not able to it due to comparing the previous relationship with the new one.

Being Physical Without Interest

It's better to restrain yourself from a physical relationship with someone you don't fancy even, but sometimes it could take more time for people to reveal themselves. It's good to cease your quick assessment process and get to know each other by being friends first.

Be Yourself

Your date deserves something a little more fun and original. 

Be yourself and show the gratitude.

The theory of achieving great goals and theory of making relationship aren't same, but many are not aware of the difference, neither of what difference is! It is an art that involves emotions which can drag one's personality totally into it.  

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