People Who Got Counted In Airport Fails With A ‘SAVAGE THING’


We have fails collection about almost everything. Here is decent fails list called airport fails. Here are the people who stayed asleep, having a nap and many other stupidities. People often do irrational things when they are bored or frustrated, we’re just funny like that.


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  1. 1 Hilarious!

  2. 2 Why midgets?

  3. 3 Exactly who's he?

  4. 4 Now we can trust you

  5. 5 Just a power nap

  6. 6 Speedy one.

  7. 7 When your best friend really want to take you with her but doesn't have enough money

  8. 8 You're looking good now turn around

  9. 9 Wtf

  10. 10 Entertain others

  11. 11 Goofing around with acrobatics

  12. 12 This is why you get to wait alot

  13. 13 Rushing on an invisible plan

  14. 14 When exercise is your life

  15. 15 Birds, bees, what's next

  16. 16 Very comfy

  17. 17 Not all heroes wear capes

  18. 18 Goddddd!

  19. 19 This is how your kid won't move

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