Amazing Fidget Spinner That You Have Never Seen


Here we have amazing fidget spinner that you have never seen. Fidget Spinner is an anxiety control and stress reducer toy. It was first introduced in 2016. It helps you relax yourself. Fidget spinner is first ever toy which is for kids as well as for adults.

  1. 1 Stell ball tri-bar fidget spinner

    Tri-bar fidget spinner is one of the most popular fidgets. It’s stylish lightweight design allows you to carry it anywhere and use it any time you like. You can hold this spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it.

  2. 2 Fidgi pen 7-featured fidget pen

    This fidget is an actual pen, but it provides endless variations of fidgeting to keep your hand busy. It has 7 features, 5 ways to play with it which are: a clickable top, a spinning disc, a flip clip, a clicking switch, and a rolling ball, and 2 features to use it as a smooth pen with textured grip.

  3. 3 The fidget cube

    This amazing multi-fidgeting device will help you keep your mind on track. It’s made in a shape of a cube with each side offering a different activity to keep your hands occupied. It includes buttons for clicking, a dial for spinning, a joystick for gliding, a switch for flipping, a worry-stone inspired crevice, and gears for rolling.

  4. 4 Free hand spinner

    This awesome metal spinning toy with iridescent colorful finish can be a perfect gift idea for a student or a professional. It looks beautiful and fancy. The spinning motion lasts up to 5 minutes, but the more you spin the toy the more it lasts.

  5. 5 Starry Sky fidget spinner

    Here is one more version of fidget cube with different buttons, dials, switchers, and a space-inspired design. The cube is made as a stress relief desk toy to help you focus.

  6. 6 Malltop LED Light fidget spinner

    Here is a cool fidget spinner with LED lights. The LEDs light up when you spin the toy which makes it look just amazing in the dark. You can spin the fidget with one hand or with both hands. It provides up to 20 hours of continuously lighting.

  7. 7 Titanium fidget spinner

    This spinner is a little but pricey as it’s made out of Titanium Alloy. It can spin around 2 minutes, and is colored with pink and green gradient with a star. When you spin it the colors mix together giving a beautiful look to it.

  8. 8 12 sided fidget toy

    This amazing fidget has 12 sides with numerous ways to fidget around, such as gears, buttons, joystick, switch, soothes, and stress ball. It’s a pocket-size fidget which could be an ideal gift for kids and adults alike who like to have something to play with in their hands all the time.

  9. 9 Bat wing fidget spinner

    Talking about superhero-inspired gadgets, this spinner features Batman wings. It can be a pocket or a desk toy that makes it equally suitable for students and office-goers alike. You can spin it to stimulate deep thoughts or get rid of anxiety.

  10. 10 Key chain fidget spinner

    With its simple movements and colorful bands, this rings keychain fidget is a perfect thing to keep your hands busy and relieve stress. You can roll it or twist it, and due to its small size you can take it anywhere. It goes in black, blue, green, and yellow colors.

  11. 11 Magic hand spinner

    The Magic hand spinner is a two-way fidget spinner made out of fine metal. It provides smooth high-speed spinning up to 5 minutes. You can either spin the gadget from the centre or roll each wheel separately.

  12. 12 6-link chain fidget

    This interesting fidget is made with six chain wheels and a silicon band, which makes it perfect for hours of silent fidgeting. If you suffer from anxiety or lack of concentration, this fidget will help you to relax and focus.

  13. 13 Tri-bar copper fidget spinner

    This pocket-size bright spinner is an ideal thing to avoid stress and anxiety. It has stainless steel central bearing that ensure continuous spinning for a long time. The mian body is colored in copper while circles on the sides are colored in blue, pink, and yellow.

  14. 14 Ultra durable fidget spinner

    Fidget Spinner Light Up Compass Clock LED Flash Hand Spinner 3 in 1 Focus Toys Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Ultra Durable.

  15. 15 Tri-bar spinner

    Wensltd Aluminium Alloy Tri-Spinner Fidgets Toy Stress Reducer Relieve Anxiety and Boredom (Green&Gold). This fidget spinner has a feather! Maybe it can fly!

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